How much makeup is just straight lying about how you look?

I’ve been watching makeup tutorials for weeks trying to learn how to do my eyebrows and I’ve noticed a disturbing trend.

These women are applying so much makeup,

It’s not even an accurate depiction of what they look like on their very faces.

So much makeup.

You can make yourself into another person if you know how to use makeup well enough.

What do you think?

Look great with a ton of makeup or look okay with a little makeup?

I don’t know,

But there seems to be something dishonest about too much makeup,

Still, I have to say,

These women look fabulous.


I rarely wear makeup. I feel pretty without it actually. You’re not one who needs a lot of makeup either

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I prefer less makeup. It looks so fake otherwise. But lots of people don’t mind the heavy makeup

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I don’t like a lot of makeup for my self. I use a tinted moisturizer to even out my skin color and sometimes lipstick but I only do those things if I go somewhere I don’t wear makeup at home

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One of the reasons I stopped doing weddings is that the Photoshop requests were getting ridiculous. Enlarge eyes, enlarge breasts, lengthen legs, add lashes and brows to every image. Just weird how common this fixation became, like 2/3 of brides were asking and the number was still trending up at the end.


I dont wear makeup.
I like hair, skincare better.


Idc much about makeup anymore. Used to be one of those girls who spent at least an hour in front of the mirror. Now it takes me 15 mins. It’s nice not giving a fck.

That being said, I also don’t give a fck what other people do with their makeup. If they feel good, that’s what matters.


You don’t need ANY makeup @goldenrex . You’re gorgeous without it.

And even though I need makeup, badly, I still never, ever wear makeup. I feel that if men think they’re confident enough to go without it, we should be too.


I have to say, while they probably look pleasing with all the makeup, it is a huge turn off to realise that someone’s face is nearly entirely make up and that they look nothing like that without 20 minutes with a mirror and their cosmetics.

I quite like women who use make up sparingly. Last couple of girls I was with a while ago barely wore any.

One of my sisters used to plaster herself in it when she was a teen. I used to think her friends wouldn’t recognise her if she turned up without it on.

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I think you should wear whatever you are comfortable with. If it’s about attraction I think there are probably just as many who like the natural look as the heavy makeup look.

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Maybe not the same but I’ve been in enough churches where elderly women literally smell like they poured a gallon of perfume all over themselves. It’s so much that it is nauseating.

I’ve watched the YouTube videos where some women turn themselves into living dolls. Kind of crazy tbh.


I like a dab of eyeliner and lipstick…everything else can go…

When I’m feeling rough I use a medium amount.

Like nowadays.


Yeah. I feel the same and have for years.


Yea but men like physically pretty women it’s appealing to them… So at work I wear make up to feel more confident :slight_smile:

Well not necessarily but I meant that they like confidence in women. N make up gives me confidence

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I think if people want to wear lots and tonnes of make up it’s okay.

It is not like they are killing anyone.

And guys aren’t stupid.

They know that women look different without the make up…

But yea tonnes of make up is not my thing cos I feel uncomfortable to mask my true face too much.

Having said that the little make up I wear at work makes a ■■■■■■■ huge difference lol.

But I like to think with a healthy lifestyle I will look better in time anyhow.


When you are young it’s fun to wear a little more makeup, have fun with it and experiment. Unfortunately for me I am past middle age now and all makeup does is get stuck in the creases and wrinkles. I just use BB cream, mascara and a bit of blush when going out these days.

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I don’t think you have to quit having fun with makeup just because you’ve gotten a little older.

One of my best friends is 65 and she wears a ton of interesting and new makeup all the time.

She looks great, very California.


You said it plainly when you said men aren’t stupid. (!)

You’re an artist though and I think it’s a cool subject in and of itself… treating a face like a canvass.

Just gonna throw that factor or talking point into the mix.

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My suntan is my makeup

I look better with it