How much makeup is just straight lying about how you look?

I use this when I want a little more color,

It’s much safer than tanning:



Haha yes sort of :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankyou for the input!

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I just tan the top half of me in summer months

I just like me arms and face tanned tbh

I have been looking at makeup tutorials on YouTube after you mentioned your eyebrows the other day. It is amazing what some of the women look like even into their seventies. and eighties. Maybe I am just lazy goldenrex lol.

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I love makeup as an art form. Skilled artists can do so much with it. I dislike it as a minimum standard for appearing in public.


That said there is something to be said of mess and clutter fullness in people. But you know that already. Although it’s good to rehearse for some!

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my eye liner doesn’t suit me


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You’re not lazy,

Makeup is challenging if you want to do it really well.

And yes, it can look amazing at any age.

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Lol Pedro you’re funny :sweat_smile:

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Thanks :smiley:

I try to be sometimes

Can’t beat wholesome laughter at times

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I hate heavy makeup on me and also on other people. My opinion is that it looks atrocious. It makes you look so fake. When I see people with heavy makeup, I sincerely wonder what they really look like.

If you look like a completely different person when your makeup and lashes come off, you’re doing it wrong. It’s supposed to enhance your natural beauty, not mask your identity, lol.


In the past I preferred going out with women who didn’t wear so much makeup.


I don’t blame women who feel like it makes them pretty to want to feel pretty. I don’t think its nefarious. I think its just a problem with needing to feel beautiful to be happy.

I’m fairly ugly and I’ve gotten used to being ugly and learning to be happy is not easy. Depression through school is also a problem so I understand why young girls who feel bad about how they look pick up towards makeup and there’s no harm in it. Well besides if they can’t afford it. Also if its got harmful junk in it, I know that’s a thing and thats a darn shame.

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