How much exercise do u get?


i walk two miles most days, except when it’s raining and i’m going to start swimming twice a week after the new year and the kids go back to school. i was going to do zumba but its like double the price of the swimming. i get a concession at the pool because im on benefits. £1.70 a time as opposed to 3 quid for normies.


Well done on walking 2 miles daily.

For the last two months I have walked 3.5 miles per day. There have been days I have done far more.

I usually go later in the day as its bloody hot in new zealand at the moment. I need to buy a new pair of sandals tomorrow as my old ones are too beat up from all the walking.


I do very little exercise but got an exercise bike from my youngest step daughter for Christmas. I used to like swimming and the swimming baths were near then they moved them and it’s hard for me to get to the new place.


I don’t exercise at all in the last 7 months or more, I get a sort of fatigue when I walk for miles now, I need to exercise more.


My sis is a lifeguard so I get to swim everyday again now that my swimmers ear cleared up. Tuesday and Thursday I take her water aerobics class also, so I can be silly as she tries to teach.

When we get back into spring and summer I wont have any of this time off. Life will be busy. But my job is fairly physical so I’ll get my “work out” planting trees and mulching and pruning.


I used to lift weights and walk. I need to start again


I walk around 2-3 miles per day. Then do yoga for about 30 minutes, 7 days per week.

I need to exercise more! I’ve been eating ALOT more since I’ve reduced my smoking. I’m thinking about doing kickboxing again.




Wow many of you guys are doing great with the exercise. I started up walking again on my old treadmill, just about 10min to 16 min a day - lol I plan on walking 1 hour a day. I’m going to work my way up to this. I have to start somewhere :wink:


I lift weights. I go to a super crazy gym called “No ■■■■■■■■ Fitness”, its for powerlifters or crazy people like me. I used to workout at the schools gym, but if you grunt or yell while lifting heavy, everyone stares at you. At this new gym, they scream at each other every time they do a set. I fit right in.


I hike every other day up mountain trails I live by & lift weights in between the hiking days. Try to at least 5 days of cardio.


I used to be so active until my SZA hit. I would walk trails for hours everyday with my girlfriends. Now I don’t exercise much. My new meds have made me want to get out more but I haven’t got the energy for working out yet.


I got my dvd player hooked up and watched the video to see what it’s like. I need to clear a space…


I went for a two hour walk today in the new zealand summer heat. Ouch…have a blister on my heel.


I used to walk three miles a day. Then I went down to one mile per day. Then my doctor said that walking one mile per day doesn’t do anything for you, so I stopped. When it warms up, I’ll play tennis.


Walking a mile every day is good for you. I’ve heard that tennis doesn’t help you aerobicly.


walked two miles today in the pouring rain in the forest. it was great!


well done jaynebeal! I skipped my walk today as I just can’t be bothered. But I did go yesterday for roughly 4 miles, and got a couple of blisters. Tomorrow is when I start back up.


thanx andy. am planning on going out again today, rain or shine! it’s pouring down at the moment and neither one of the dogs will venture into the garden to do their morning toilets so by this afternoon they’ll b busting and will want to go to the forest. i’ll wrap up warm and take brolly!


i walk on average 12km every day, the mind and body are linked in a major way.


Whats weird about me is that I just think about exercising and it seems to suffice. For example, today I thought about doing some situps. I went downstairs to get some coffee, and my belly was all tight. Like I’d done them…

I had a weird geek buddy in high school who thought it was a revelation that a fella could work out his arms just by flexing. Strange, I know…

I want to get into shape but I don’t like the people that represent it. They’re nihilists… self centered body worshipers. Like steroids gives muscle men ladies breasts, they got tiddies on the brain. Too much of life’s necessities are about people other than myself.