What exercise or sports do you do?


Yo,what’s up?

My question is simple,what kind of exercise or sports do you do or play to keep you healthy?

My primary exercise is working out and jogging,my secondary is to play badminton for fun


Very little. I go on the exercise bike when i remember. At one point i used to go swimming once a week but got out of it for a while.
By the time i was ready to restart they had moved the location of the swimming baths to a part of town i’m unfamiliar with. It would mean a bus ride i don’t feel comfortable taking for fear of getting lost.


Im so physically fatigued and lack motivation, i rarely care for myself and hyigene let alone exercis but. About once every month or two, i play tennis and basketball or head to the driving range to hit some golf balls. My mind is pretty active and excited though


I walk and ride my bicycle daily. I exercise 1.5-2 hours a day. I have an objective of losing some weight so that I do not need to buy new clothes. I have one suit that was bought in 1990 in Atlanta and I want to fit in it. I have also participated in one sport club for mentally ill, but I may not go there any longer, because I exercise already so much daily.


Try to do so some cardio at the moment for weight loss and health, I’ve lifted weigths for quite some time.


I swim, surf and go my kid sister’s aqua fit classes.

For my job I’m also digging, lifting, planting, walking… I’m a gardener.


powerlifting, gotta wear a belt and wrap your knees or else you can expect to get injured really easily


Light exercise - I walk on the treadmill everyday for about 10 - 20 minutes and I lift with some dumbbells for a short while everyday, and have been on a strict diet. I am losing weight! :smiley:


Getting better at this. spent the last 5 days on the elliptical or walking for at least 45 min or an hour. Thank you nice weather for motivating me and of course mortimermouse who is always going strong.


I belong to a gym which is very exciting with innovations. It makes my day.


If I were more coordinated, I’d like to take up baseball or volleyball.