How many relationship had you experience

As a person diagnosed with schizophrenia,it is tough to have a relationship or maintain one,main reason is symptoms obstructing the relationship and there is also stigma to being mentally ill
Personally I had been in a relationship for 2 months,it was a hard time for me as I think I had not been honest with the girl,it was my first relationship
What about you,how many relationship have you been?What difficulties do you face,and what do you enjoy?

Ugh. Relationships.

I’ve had tons of casual sex. But that’s beside the point and I dont recommend it, it’s a great way to get diseases and become a ■■■■. But if one of the casual partners from this past semester comes back around, dammit, I can’t help it, too damn good to ignore. I might be a good example of how to live well, but that’s when I dont talk about how slutty I have been and instead talk about the good things I do.

I’ve had a couple of brief relationships. One didnt work out because I was too distant, the other didnt work out because he dumped me when I told him about my illness.

Ugh. I mean it when I say “Ugh.”

But I have recently met someone online who seems like a good match, been talking to her via texts, she has OCD and I am open about my illness- she told me she was into mental health awareness and so I just told her “well you just had a conversation with a chronic paranoid schizophrenic.” and, well, she seems promising.

My experience has been negative, doesn’t mean the whole concept of relationships is negative. I’ve got to tough it out and carry on with my life. I spoke with someone who has the illness today and is very well today and she said she didnt date for like 18 years or something and ended up married. She said there is hope.

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I’ve been in a lot of relationships over the years, and regret most of them. But April 11th of last year I met Jason. He is amazing!! We expressed early on that we loved each other and as each day passes I fall more in love with him. He is Bipolar and has heard voices before so nothing I tell him seems to scare him. One way he irks me, and this is really my problem it’s not him, is that he under reacts when I tell him symptoms I have or had and he tries to compare it to something he’s been through. It’s awesome he doesn’t over react but I wish it were somewhere in the middle. I just want him to say “that must have been hard, tell me how you felt.”

Deep in my heart I know he is the one. One thing we laugh about is in a serious moment one of us will crack a joke to make the other one laugh. We’ve both done it during sex, which later when we talk about it we both laugh hysterically. I love his sense of humor, kindness, his personality, and I even love the things about him which irk me. Most of all I can depend on him anytime for anything. He’s always there. We both say how scared we are that we’re dreaming and will wake up to a reality where we aren’t together.

I guess my point is to not give up. It doesn’t matter how many relationships you’ve had. All that matters is finding that one person. Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? Send the energy out into the universe what you want and you will receive it. For a year I chanted to meet a man or woman I could spend my life with. Then I met Jason. You never know where you’ll meet that person. We met through a mutual friend. Good luck. :sun_with_face:


I was surprise someone who doesn’t date for 18 years get married,it’s hopeful to anyone who doesnt have good dating experience,i haven’t date for months now,would like to return to dating if my condition allows me to…will try to have fun in dating

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I’ve been in a lot of relationships…too many to count.

Sad to say… many relationships. I would fall in love very easily.

Plus my drinking and drug using days… I was not discrete. I ended up in some very toxic situations.

I didn’t give up and am now in a good relationship. I think this one will continue to go well.


I have had no relationships yet, though I do desire sometimes of having casual relationships. Maybe just for a week or so…but true intimate time…With no strings attached…I guess, it’s very hard to find someone who would think in the same way as you do. I would say, I am kind of scared in having a casual encounter because I fear that either I would fall in love with the person or the person would start feeling for me :slight_smile: Then it would be hard for both of us to forget and move on. So yeah, that’s why I am still not in any relationship. Besides the ones who seem motivated mostly appears either desperate or frustrated and sometimes both.

I had a casual one that went on for 4 years and it’s finally ended, bit of a strange situation. It doesn’t end without some pain from both parties.


zero relationships.

4 years…that’s nice…I guess you were really close. If you’d like to share I would be interested in knowing what made the relationship to end?

As I said, mostly the problem is finding a like minded. The person who’d catch your attention and you’d wish to know more about the person… How did you meet the person? Lucky are those who find one!

I had some casual relationships - some were friends with benefits. I officially had a couple of girlfriends
I like casual, laid back friendships with females.
I got married once and it was not for me - too much stress, but she was a sociopath - so what do you expect - lots of grief and stress

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I would like to have a girlfriends or have girls who is willing to have a intimate relationship with me,I look OK and I feel stable at the moment

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You seem to be a bit of a perfectionist like myself @Gtx1990
The whole key is to loosen up and start taking things casually - make friends with the opposite sex, but dont try too hard, allow things to unfold naturally

Had three relationships, but in high school. Haven’t been in one for five years now. Get uncomfortable when people ask me out or when they try to set me up with someone. I don’t want a relationship.


I’ve had short term relations in early 20s but now 42 and never had a dat for years I am too worried about my problems with schiz I cannot go out dating and stuff I am a little crippled and hard to make friends or have social life but I hope things might improve

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Yea good for you,I rather have no relationship than having a relationship which is stressful or not enjoyable

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Yea brother,will try to loosen up and be casual about it…

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Depends what you mean by relationships. Platonic friendships, flings, trysts, flirtations, one-night stands, friends with benefits, dates, crushes, and unreciprocated obsessions a few. But I have a few years on you. Also often the only male among groups women in work places also I used to horse ride. It generally being a more female dominated sport here. I also get along better with females than males to be honest. So female friends often outnumber male friends with me. Mind you, I’ve no idea where they are anymore.

However, I opened up to my therapist awhile ago. Saying after the last girl I dated took her life, Memories leading to the estrangement from my family, A few other losses in a very short time all in that period. That I came to the conclusion I just wasn’t capable of a relationship anymore. Supposedly it was a huge breakthrough and we are working through it all in therapy, among dealing with the mental illness stuff. .

When I was in my teens and early 20s I had many relationships, when I got married in America and was in one relatioship close to ten years, but in the recent years I have not had any relationhips, somehow I am ok with all this.

I have a funny joke about the period when I lived in my auto in America. How would have a woman reacted if I had picked up her in Miami’s club or bar and then I would have said ‘shall we go to my place … it is that automobile next to the club’ :smile:

Of course I could given a woman a tour of the life time in Miami and Miami Beach, because I knew that place so well. Some people on Ocean Drive started learning who I was there and some had smiles when I walked around there.

I’ve been in one long term relationship - four years. She didn’t challenge me intellectually. She didn’t have any poetry in her soul. I’ve been in several two and three week relationships, if you could call them that. I doubt if I’ll ever get married. I’ve gotten to where I prefer to be alone.