Do you have a schizophrenic relationship?

Has a boyfriend/girlfriend not wanted to be with, because of your mental illness? Do you want to have a relationship with another mentally ill person? I personally would love to have a girlfriend in my life, it would be bonus if she was like me. I think there are people in my life that I could be closer with if I didn’t have a mental illness.


I do, my wife and we are going on ten years. She is not SZ and is a very special person. She has a gun But I don’t worry about that. I work fulltime and take my meds. When we were first as an item, I never told her that I was SZ.

She knew all along anyway.

My closest relationships were pre mental illness. We’re they sane (the relationships I mean of course) Of course not. But it was the closest I’ve ever got to another in a relationship. After my 20’s I only dated other people I met in treatment programs who also dealt with mental illness. Intense, shortlived, saner than I’ve ever known, just give and take what you need but push me around, have to make me angry, too sane to make me angry. Someone makes me angry accuses me of rape and then peacefully falls asleep next to me, wrong person I guess, the other probably would have adored me. Got to be careful. Moved in with one woman and found myself living with two, figuratively of course, one was kind of whatever hippy dippy the other stern, conservative and racist. I shut down and withdrew within myself.

There was another I was off and on with for many years, psych student who was neurotic and afraid of the world and I miss her like no other, I could be a jerk, smoking in her apartment after she outlawed it but she always encouraged me to drink liquor on our weekends together, I miss her like God Damn. If only to be a friend from afar would be enough.

Schizophrenic relationship? Yes I’ve had a few, and the relationships I remember from pre-mental illness days which I can safely say were with people without serious mental illness were in ways schizophrenic themselves.

■■■■ dude.

I’ve had two romantic relationships. The first guy I was with had major depression. The second guy I was with didn’t have mental illness but did have a personality disorder. I dated a bipolar guy for a few months years ago but it didn’t pan out, we had different values. I was an unmedicated mess in all three scenarios. It would be nice to have someone similar but I would want us both to be stable and to have found decent treatment plans. I am no good to anybody in a crisis, when I’m having my own problems.

I was in a psycho relationship but then I divorced him when he became just to…?..creepy mean-and he supposedly had no DX of MI…but he was scarier.

You could say my 2nd husband and I are very similar in all aspects of life, call us what you want, but we’re pretty happy with each other.

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I’ve been with my SO for just over a year and I just recently started telling him about what’s going on with me. Which is very difficult, because I know he doesn’t understand and also it gives me more reasons to be paranoid about things. I honestly feel as though it was worthless telling him anything, because before too long all my relationships with everyone will be done. I had a relationship before him that was really really well, and now that I’m sick (I haven’t been diagnosed, so I won’t say I’m sz) but I have a really bad relationship with him already. And I know it’s my fault. :pensive:

I get along well with most people, but in relationships I tend to get closer to someone who has similar experiences or shares similar interests. I tend to be attracted more to guys who have that…I’m not sure why. Maybe schizophrenia is a type of evolution or unacknowledged gift! :stuck_out_tongue: The first guy I dated has autism/schizophrenia. I had an internet relationship with someone with schizoaffective. Then my best relationship was with my bf-ish and we’re still off/on but he has schizophrenia. I met someone with bipolar and schizophrenia. Actually, every guy I’ve dated coincidentally had schizophrenia. LMAO. They are all similarly hard workers, with high IQ’s. Maybe I should try to date someone without schizophrenia…however, it was coincidence…the last three were fairly attractive. My bf has a 6 pack. He said 12 pack…actually I love dating…and all the schizophrenic guys I met/dated were smart, sweet, and treated me with respect.

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I’ve been out with a lot of normal / neurotypicals women. All I can say is there’s a thin line between being normal and being mentally ill.

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My first marriage was to an abusive sociopath. I didn’t value myself and also didn’t know what was wrong with me… I have been married to my second/my real husband for 2.5 years and he’s typical. He does take medication for anxiety, but otherwise very stable. I met him online and one of my criteria was “happy childhood”. It’s good for me because I don’t have to deal with issues from him, but it’s bad (I feel guilty) because he deals with all my issues. I wonder sometimes if it was fair to marry a typical person. He is so patient, but he genuinely doesn’t understand and wants to ignore what I go through sometimes. And I make him really unhappy at times. But, here we are and I do love him, and he obviously loves me.

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I’m not sure. It might be why women don’t like me like that but men don’t seem to give a flip.

C (my fiancee of at least 4yrs) has anxiety. His is wonderfully managed. Then again, I am only now starting to get any social insight, so I might not have realized because I can’t read his cues.

I wouldn’t fish for MI on purpose. If you find someone, you find someone, but at this point in your life could you stay stable while he/she was in the hospital? It wouldn’t help them if you destabilized because they destabilized.

You should probably research their MI before you jump in if it’s not plain sz. You know about sz. I, for example, am sza bipolar. C won’t even come get me to hang out if I’m in one of my ‘moods’ and he is very sweet and understanding. Sometimes you get more than you bargained for. I’m sure I’m more than several people bargained for.

If those people are distant because they just don’t understand, that’s ok. We can be really hard to interpret. If it’s because they look down on you they can suck a fish scale because ain’t nobody got time for that.