How much schizophrenia you have in your family

I have my cousin, two aunts and father who have schizophrenia. It runs in our family.

I have a very distant cousin and my dad was bipolar.

Paternal Great-Grandfather
Maternal Grandmother

Those are the ones that are confirmed. There are some others that seem to experience some of the symptoms, but it could be other things, too. Substance abuse complicates things.

I have schizophrenia on both sides of my family, on my father’s and mother’s side.

My grandad on my fathers side was schizophrenic
My great aunt on mothers side suffered depression badly

Not really sure…

Cousine and uncle on mother’s side.
Father is paranoid and grandiose.

father has schizoaffective disorder, father’s oldest sister has schizophrenia, brother has bipolar disorder with psychotic features plus adhd and autism and mother has major depression

I am the black sheep of my family :confounded:

Just me…

I’m the only one. My dad was bipolar, and his brother (my uncle) is an addict and alcoholic. Not sure if any of that means anything, but that’s all I have.

My mom has it. I have it. My brother is autistic. Great grandma is bipolar and so is my aunt.

My family is very “hush hush” about it, but I know for a fact that one of my great grandmothers was paranoid over people watching her and setting curses on her. As well, I have heard stories about cousins who only ate cement and glue( caused some serious health issues) because they were the only things that tasted like food to her. Another uncle only purchased clothing and had it all in his house. My dad also hoards things but my mother is terrified of clutter (good dynamic right…)

I have a very strange family. This very well could be genetic, but I was also born two months premature and apparently have a smaller skull than normal babies. This hasn’t affected my studies though…but it probably has had an effect on my perception of reality and voices…Who can really know though…

Grandmother and cousin.

Bio dads family, I know he suffered delusions and mood swings…as for his parents…his mother commited suicide after an angel told her she gave birth to a demon (my uncle) and his father is locked up for multiple murder…and not in a prison…

my mothers side however, all of my uncles were in the Army and described as ‘Easy killers’ by their COs, meaning they did not have the usual effects from shooting people. But that could just be strong resolve

my mother suffers from BPD, and my grandparents both suffered depression after they retired.

My son suffers from sz along with my brother(who has been in denial his whole life). My father had it and committed suicide at age 45 :cry: . My grandmother had lots of problems and was in mental institutions a few times so she most likely had it. She also attempted suicide a few times but failed. God only knows how far back it really goes. I wish I could get medical records to find out details maybe it would help but I doubt it. I feel back then things were different. SZ sucks!

There are some stories about my paternal grandfather that make me think he had Sz… but back in those days… no one talked about that sort of thing.

My Uncle on my Dad’s side has it.
My Dad has lived with depression

I have it… One of my younger brothers lives with depression… my youngest brother is bipolar 1.

It seems everyone has something…

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About 2 1/2 gallons.


My paternal grandfather and uncle have Manic-Depressive Psychosis. My dad might have undiagnosed MDP. He also had problem with binge drinking. He is sober for nearly about 9 years now. My distant maternal aunt was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

No one besides me, but most of my family on my mom’s side has either depression or bipolar