How many of you here do code/web design?

I’m a web dev myself, and keep seeing this across the boards. I know it’s long stretch but possibly the constant brightness of the screen off-setting melatonin leading to other imbalances…yeah long stretch. I imagine many of us found it useful to take a job on the computer for it’s convenience. I personally love my job, but I also find it convenient.

It still strikes me funny that many people here are doing this though.

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I’ve done some web design, mainly just personal web pages. Worked with Joomla too.

One thing I really enjoy, being the nerdish guy I am, is to look at really well done web sites. It’s almost hard to believe the difference between a bad design and some of the awesome designs I’ve seen around.


Speaking of such a difference, look at the main page here. It looks clean, functional, does what it needs to do. While it’s not artistic, compare it to how it looked not long ago and it’s a world of difference.


Here’s a screenshot of the last web design project I was working on a couple of years back. It was mainly a test of some techniques I was testing out, blending, transparency, etc. The content appeared in the main boxed region. I never used it really, but it was fun learning new things. And yeah, it was dark and red, so very red. lol

As far as coding goes, I love programming in Python and I’m working on a project with C++. Here’s a video I made when my card game hit 1.0. I stopped work at 1.7 but I’ve started reworking the game from the ground up.

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bear371 asked: “How many of you here do code/web design?”
I do some computer coding.

I studied programming (mainly C some Visual Basic) in college. I wasn’t that good. But the best program I ever made was a version of tic tac toe which used Trogdor (the dragon from homestarrunner that none of you have probably ever heard of) as an X and a knight as an O. It had all these funny sound effects and it made my class crack up. I was always better at coming up with ideas than implementation.

I loved Trogdor! (I still have a the Cheat stuffed animal tucked away in a suitcase.)

@metime Trogdor and stuff like that always reminds me of college lol. Did you ever see Don Hertzfeldt’s Rejected? Those were my favorites or maybe where they remade the G.I. Joe PSAs.

“In the spring of 1999, the Family Learning Channel commissioned animator
Don Hertzfeldt to produce promotional segments for their network.
The cartoons were completed in five weeks.
The Family Learning Channel rejected all of them upon review,
and they were never aired…”

@Futomimi It’s sort of familiar. It’s been so long. That’s the start of the GI-Joe Cheat short?

It reminds me of my college years too.

ETA: now I remember it.

Here’s something cool about the forum software. You can post syntax highlighted code samples. For example, here is a little code from my game.

def on_render(self):
        """This is the main render loop.

        It is capped at 60fps.
        self.screen.fill((0, 0, 0))
        for element in [x for x in self.uielements if getattr(x, "sheet") == self.currentsheet]:

To do this, start a line with four back ticks ````. Then on the next line put in your code. After the code, on another line put four more back tics ````.


I am / was a software and web developer

My major is computer programming. I’ve only done coding for classes I’ve taken. My first computer programming class was using a program called Alice. You didn’t really do coding but instead created cartoons that taught the concepts of programming. I created a really cool video of a Christmas card with Santa Claus is coming to town playing during the animation. I worked really hard on it and got an A. I also created a first person shooter where you went around shooting mummies and once their health was depleted they would disappear. I’ve also taken classes on HTML, Java, and SQL. Out of all the classes I’ve taken SQL was the most rewarding, but the hardest. I would write code and it wouldn’t work and then sometimes I would spend hours troubleshooting it. I learned a lot in that class. Every programming class I’ve encountered I’ve really enjoyed. It seems to fit my personality. I almost get high when I do coding. I think it’s a career I’m really going to enjoy. I also love learning about computers in general. I’m just finishing a class on acquisition and sourcing. We had to create a project of a fake company that would be doing some sort of IT outsourcing for their project. We had to describe concepts from project management and also network architectures. I had a lot of fun with it and my instructor will be writing me a reference letter. I’m all done the work for the class and now can enjoy the vacation I’m going on with my boyfriend. :sunny:

I am learning PHP and SQL right now. Anyone can recommend some resources?

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I do some Website building, but mostly using Wordpress, pre-coded plugins, and pre-coded templates. I’m capable of creating my own Wordpress templates as I know some PHP and CSS, but I don’t find that aspect of things all that interesting. I like to play around with the visual part of the design. Besides, someone else has probably already created what I need and done a better job than I will do, anyhow.


Coincidence: I just recently decided to pickup some basic knowledge on PHP (and some HTML, CSS, and JS). My main goal is to write a web based GUI for executing bash shell commands on my various ARM Linux boxes around the house.

One thing I noticed in programming, it’s like a real language. (Or the languages are like real languages rather.) There’s grammar (loops, conditions, declarations, objects, etc…) Then there’s the vocabulary (the functions you find in libraries). Then there’s weird crap like pointers… I’ve learned a LOT about the grammar part, but not much vocabulary. Learning the various functions in each main library is a HUGE time suck. Unless I use the functions on a regular basis, I forget they even exist. Or I’ll look through the functions and think a few are useless, but later find that they are amazing and feel stupid for overlooking them.

@anon33673328: I’ve been using a website called to learn PHP (and HTML, CSS, and JS). It’s free and very well laid out.

If anyone wants to learn Java or C++ the long way (video lectures) go to YouTube and search for Stanford programming lectures. You can also download assignments and handouts they use for their actual paid courses. Or search google for opencourseware, there are a lot of things you can learn (not just programming).


There are so many people into coding on here we should form a schizophrenic design firm! Sure nothing would get done on time and it would never be congruous with the customer’s specs. But it would be funny lol.


I took part in Hugi Size Coding Compo (anyone here familiar with it), and eventually I understood Scene is an European programming events. I could do marvelous things on MS-DOS (font size and style, screen capture, my own video and other multimedia format, self-invented compression algorithm, etc.) until the Windows XP came and seized all my opportunities to show off my talents.
I used to do Visual Basic .NET programming as well. (since version 2).
No, I don’t deal with Web programming and design.

Futomimi said:

Seriously, with all of the time people with schizophrenia on SSDI seem to have on their hands, I’m surprised that I haven’t been aware of more of them founding software companies together. Maybe it is because it is sometimes difficult for suitable co-founders to find each other.

I work in IT, and know quite a lot about web dev (mainly PHP, mysql, javascript, CSS) tho it’s not my job. I am doing website in my free time for myself or friends / family, developing my own apps for fun etc… (html media-player I lost in formattings by the time, mandelbrot fractal viewer in PHP/Html5/Javascript, +a whole bunch of other stuff I lost in my numerous formattings (which kinda sucks quite frankly especially for the Media Player and Mandelbrot stuff :p)

I worked for free at creating addons for the popular MMORPG Elder Scrolls Online too which are written in Lua and got my own collaborative blog/note logger I wrote in PHP on my personal website.

Now I’m looking forward to game development - I got quite a solid idea but no know-how yet and looking forward to OpenGL programming (which I didn’t start yet…)

@zupa is also a really good resource. I recommend Wampserver to run a server locally on your computer. This includes PHP and SQL(with the phpMyAdmin interface)
Install that, then go to http://localhost/ and you should see “It works!” or something simular. From then on any php file within the C:/wamp/www folder will be available in the browser.