How many of you here do code/web design?

I’m not a web designer, but I can really appreciate a good design. I get the same vibe from Discourse… In fact, I was so impressed I installed it to a site of mine. I had to buy separate hosting tho as cPanel and all the Discourse components don’t work well together.
This is a recent project of mine: You may of heard of jsfiddle[ ] It’s a copy of the same idea, except with PHP. There are obvious dangers, so each “fiddle” is run in it’s own virtual environment.

I really would like to learn Python soon. I started a while back, but couldn’t find the time.

@bear371 thank you so much for that. I’ve installed a wamp server locally previously but my husband now runs a MySql server in the home and he also has phpMyAdmin installed, so I’ll just ask him to create an user and a database for me, so I can work on it (I don’t want to mingle in on other databases). I’ll let you now how it goes.

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I did before I got ill. I was webmaster for two pages. I buildt it from scratch with notepad because I wanted to have complete control. I used php, html, css mysql, java. Maybe more. I did picture galleries where you browse on small pics and click on a pic and it will get big. I did guest books. Many things. But now. I can’t even understand the simple codes that builds a page. My brain just doesn’t want to unerstand. I’ve lost the joy and creativity. I blame the meds. But maybe it is sz fault?

Yes, most likely it’s the SZ not the meds. What you can do is to slowly re-learn how to enjoy your work. I do to-do lists. Even if it was harsh working that day I look at the list and realise I’ve accomplished most of it and I find my feelings of motivation and drive comng back to me. It also helps me to think that I’ll show someone what I did that day - being the attention freak I am, getting the “wow, this is amazing” or simply a “good job” makes my day brighter and rewards my work.


I was moving into the field when I got struck down by schizo about 10 years ago. Played with it a lot before and since by nervous…Looking forward to opportunity to do some work from home stuff with this…I have writing background so this helps with content. The certs/classes have some bully instructors teaching but I can recommend or book learning things if you run into an abuser while psychotic & taking classes.

Some schools have a lot of bullies teaching class & you need to use Disability Support Services so you don’t get screwed out of school & have to pay back loans immediately…Look at my former posts if you have any questions. I’ve been through it. Even had one jerk instructor knowingly sending around a system crasher virus file.