Web dev bootcamp

I’m diagnosed with Sz, but I’m coding. I am doing a web dev bootcamp. It covers html, css, javascript, react, node.js and some other languages. Any of you code? I would like to have other schizo coders as friends, maybe we can learn from another. Coding is problem solving and artistic. I think I use my creative mind and my logic mind for this work. I struggle sometimes because Sz is a thought disorder.


I’m on free code camp. Having trouble cracking the whip on my self though. So far I’ve done html css and a little Java script. But I’m not coding often enough to get fluent yet.


Im learning on coursera. I use python mostly. What I am learning is data science.


Yes, i started as a hobbie in the evenings, i have a basic understanding of html, css, javascript, php, sql.
But now i stopped because of apathy…


I studied coding before I was sz. I can’t concentrate long enough to do it as a job though, so it is more of a hobby for me.

I’ve learned a few languages, but I find it difficult to get motivated to do anything lately.

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@LevelJ1 is programmer I think.

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I do it for fun. I’ve been using python lately. I started with Java before. Been doing some webscraping and also been learning how to use apis.

I made a quadratic equation solver last week I was stoked on that lol. I made a 1 or 2 step algebra solver before that

I just learned about the flutter framework for mobile apps. It uses dart language which I think is similar to Javascript. So I’d like to get into that one day.

I just like to explore and see what’s fun :blush:


I code primitive VBA, and write SQL Queries

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hows the bootcamp going?

I did this course I think in Udemy.

I’m not sure how much I enjoy coding don’t know if I will keep studying it.


So so, I’m struggling with adding the code to let the website remember the items for a shopping cart. I sometimes stare at the screen for long having conversations with people that is in my head, they don’t code and lots of them are either religious nuts or complete evil people. It breaks my concentration allot. I don’t always know how to logically rid of the schizo symptoms. I took my medication for the month on Monday it’s an injection. I don’t think it works, although I am worse off without it, I might need something else with it, something for my thought process and delusions of Esp and telepathy.


I think for that you want to use a loop to go through the list then append the items. Something like that.

How long have you heard voices for? If you can just let them babble away and not pay much attention they might get bored.

I became psychotic in 2005, I was diagnosed that year. It gets bad, I love the peace of not paying attention to them. I think I just need to relax and use the tools that therapy gives me. I wonder if it’s soul or spirit, but that makes it worse. If only I can find the logic that defeats my belief in telepathy more often.

I coded the shopping cart, now the shipping and 30% discount, I am doing OK. I’m on par with normal people.

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You are a programmer? I think someone mentioned your name. I’m new to coding. I only knew video editing apps and Adobe software before I started. I like it, but I struggle with syntaxes and the logical order of the functions and arguments. I feel like my mind had been a bit psychotic from before I came to this schizophrenia group. I feel good to learn coding. I’m inspired by the vision of the future in programming. I want to pass my full stack web Dev bootcamp then do UI and UX design. Do you struggle with schizophrenia too. I find that the reality is never clear, reality is never understood correctly by us. My thoughts is that the neurological receptors are not functioning correctly so our mind sees ideas that are false. When I code I find a place where my mind feels like the code is given to me by angels.


I’m not a professional but I can program.

I’m learning Android development right now.

Have you ever tried the flutter sdk? It’s really cool. It’s a one code language for multiple operating systems like Android, Mac, Linux, and web. All in dart code that flutter uses.

The coolest thing is there’s the hot reload function where you use either an emulator phone or your cellphone to instantly update and test your app in real-time. It load It’s in like 5 seconds.

So say something simple like “Hello world” with a blue background.

The you change the text to “yoyoyo” and red background then hit reload. In 5 seconds it’ll show it changed.

I’m gonna make a job report app for my work. That can produce to pdf.

But mostly I just want to make fun stuff

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I have bipolar. I used to deal with a lot of psychosis but it has calmed down. Now I only rarely hear voices these days. I still get mood episodes.

For coding just look at tons of examples and just modify people’s code and mess around with it.

It’s more like playing Legos than inventing the wheel these days.

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My suggestion is to not worry much about syntax. You can Google that stuff

But learn about the basic structures.

What is:

What is abstraction of that data.

And yeah google and stackoverflow is your friend!


I don’t know how well I could program while I am paranoid. My ability to focus isn’t very good while paranoid.

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I code too, started of with python and ended in nlp, need to pick up pace. I don’t know I could say its my interest, I’m already missing the rhythm.

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Nice I like python it’s awesome language to use.

What is nlp?

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