How many of you drive?

I got in too many wrecks while I was crazy. So basically I can’t drive a car with insurance for a few years til the price comes down but I have a scooter.

The only driving I do is up the wall!

But seriously I have had dreams of driving (not good ones) so I’m afraid of driving.

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I drive lots. I love driving. Its relaxing


I love driving, but my license got revoked because of a heart condition that I have. So I don’t drive at all anymore.

I don’t drive. I was 16 when first diagnosed (around the time I would have been learning to drive). The doctor’s advice me and my parents not to have me driving while they gave different medications. So I never took the time to learn. As time progressed we didn’t know how to find someone to teach me to drive, and when I looked around the prices for us then were just too much. My mom had tried a couple of times to have me drive in the park near our home but it didn’t go smoothly and made her too nervous so I just gave up on it and figured it be one more thing for me not to do.

Do you drive?

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  • No

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I own my own car and drive. Can’t imagine being without it, plus I use it to travel to work

I have been driving for over 45 years now. Except for short times when I was with out a vehicle. There is no public transportation where I live, and a long hike to the nearest grocery store. If I did not have a vehicle.


i live in the middle of no where…
so it is either the car :car: or horse :horse: or helicopter :helicopter: !?!
take care :alien:


I do drive. 15 15

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I drove without incident for over 12 years, but I’ve had bad experiences on two occasions in 2015 getting pulled over for broken tail light and later broken headlight.

Long story but my car always reeks of weed because I sit in the parking lot and hot box in it (“hot box” : to roll all the windows up in the car to keep all the smoke inside). So anyways, that always makes the ultra suspicious and then they pulled me out and interrogated me for hour or longer (both times). Both asked what I was taking my pills for so I was honest (last time cops, last time, HIPPAA says I don’t have to tell you) and told them sz.

They immediately asked (both occasions) “should you be driving?” and “Does your doctor know you’re driving?” I was like yes, sir, she knows. They were clearly upset, hands on their hips, stomping their feet, general alpha male “I’m very upset about this” body language. Waaaaay more so than his body language upon sniffing the cannabis scent!

My pdocs have always known. I drive safe. I’m too paranoid not to! What if I hit someone with my car and an angry mob forms, drags me out, and beats me to death? These are paranoid thoughts, granted, but it sure makes me drive extra cautious!

Next time they ask what I’m taking pills for I’m saying either, “HIPPAA!! You can’t ask me that” or “depression.” Depression doesn’t scare cops like schizophrenia does.

My old dr said I shouldn’t drive cos I might freak out if the police pull up behind me. Think he was maybe right at the time but that was 4 years ago. Will speak to my new doc about it. Can’t afford a car myself but could maybe get insured on my folks. I mean when they get older they might like someone to drive them around.

PS - I live opposite a country pub and the number of drink drivers in that place is terrible. Here in the uk it is a big deal getting caught over the limit.

I don’t drive because I had 3 accidents and 2 police pullovers in 2015 alone. (4 accidents if you count the one in 2011.) I lost my car insurance to cancellation. I voluntarily sold my car and moved into a care situation. Now, they drive me to Dr.'s, dentist’s, grocery stores, Wal-Mart and Target. Everywhere else, I have to take a cab. Because the public transportation system and the weather, here in Omaha, is lousy.

Yeah I got into a lot of wrecks in the past during my youth, when I was basically Nuts.

Today I drive but mainly in town locally, I try to avoid Highways if I can :car: :construction:

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I’ve always gotten a lot of tickets and into a lot of wrecks that I’ve always walked away from without so much as a scratch. (Amazingly!) And I’ve never hurt anybody. I’ve been in so many car accidents, in my lifetime. I seriously can’t count them all. And no one, not family, not Dr.'s, not health care people, not the police, not the DMV, have ever suggested to me that I quit driving.
Today, I have sold my car, and have completely stopped driving. I use a transport service to get around today. Along with the occasional taxi, I am doing quite well.

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I don’t drive, I tried to learn before I got sick but I was too anxious then I got sick which just made it worse. my partner doesn’t drive either for right now. her parents don’t want to teach her. she so far has been getting to work alright, with her parents and coworkers giving her rides. And me getting rides from a Medicaid paid taxi service.

I have a car and drive.

When I’m really symptomatic I don’t drive but usually I am a super defensive and safe driver.

My mom’s pastor taught me.

I’ve been driving steadily since 1997. I have been in 3 accidents and only one was my fault and no one got hurt.

Yes… I drive…

I got my license when I was 16 some how…

The driving was Ok… but I was the worse for parking tickets.