How many of you drive a car and can go anywhere?

I’m just wondering how many of you have a drivers license and can drive anywhere. I didn’t get a drivers license until I was 24 years old and I barely drive anywhere. I’m afraid of driving anywhere new or in cities.

I have a car and I go places

Cool I wish I wasn’t so scared and could do the same

I have a car, I only really go to my mom’s place to walk and play cards. Sometimes visit friends at a diner. And of course therapy stuff.

Own a couple of vehicles. Also work as a professional driver (school bus and fuel truck). Driving isn’t an issue for me.

I have a car and drive very conservatively. It’s a tremendous responsibility and you are wise to be afraid.

I own a car and do lots of driving

Well assuming that I have X number of dollars and my car get M miles per gallon and gas cost G per gallon. I can drive a number of miles equal to MX/G. But yes I can drive where I need to. I got my license late though when I was 19 because I didn’t need it until I got out of tech school and had to drive to my first duty station.

I love my car. It was my only home for a while. I need to feel the adventure of road trips every so often. I don’t drive on days when I’m very symptomatic, though, because I tend to hallucinate that people are jumping into the road right in front of me.

I’ve had paranoid schizophrenia since I was 19 and I’m 55 now. I’ve owned cars and driven steadily since 1997. When I was a park ranger for nearly two years I patrolled the parks alone in the company truck. It was kinda fun cruising along. I’ve been in several accidents, but only one of them was my fault and no one got hurt. I drive almost every day. I don’t like driving downtown in the big city I live in. Too congested with traffic and people and too many one way streets and there’s been construction going on the whole 8 months I’ve lived here. Not to mention that the every other pedestrian is a small-time, wannabe hood.

I’m 22 and I just got my permit

I drive sum…I like driving at night its calming…windows down smoking a CIG like Joe camel…but their l and ms…

I was 23 when I got my driver’s license. I drive where I need to go but I don’t like driving on the freeway. I drive an hour and half, sometimes much more if traffic is bad, to visit my dad. I make myself. My hands shake terribly, and my stomach turns, and I have to focus really hard, but I want to see my dad so I do it.

That’s brave of you to face your fear and do that

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Thanks everyone for sharing I was just curious

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I had anxiety problem about driving too, despite getting real DL at 14 years of age in rural state of midwest US. Now is 17 years old for DL here after too many bad kid accidents over the years.

I got over the anxiety by trusting myself and never double check anything. I mean, I would drive around the block to look at something I had to pass standing on the curb or drive a route again because I was spacing out during the drive. NO one remembers all anyway…

It was completely a nervous wreck for the week I quit going out in middle of the night with flashlight to look at smudges on the car kind of stress. You can run the car up a curb a bit if you want to feel the sensation of really hitting something…I journaled all the anxiety for 2 weeks. What looks abnormal about checking and write down my worries over and over. Now I have no anxiety about driving anywhere, even for 12+ hours alone which can be a bit too challenging. I prefer to limit my driving days to 8 hours but sometimes we have no choice on things…I can even drive around in huge 24 ft RV that would have blown a gasket for me before. I do drive city traffic too but I try to avoid the rushes as is just too much stress to bother with if you can get accommodations to work from home to deal with hostile workplace and insomnia problems.

Been driving for 36 years now, got my license at 16. I drive most days and have no problem going to major cities, back roads, or getting lost-thanks to Google maps, I hate hearing “Off route, recalculating.”

My driving is fine, so far I’ve never caused an accident, but I have had other drivers, from a big rig hauling cut lumber, a crusty old man with an oxygen tank on a bicycle who was smoking and turned left into my car, a old bag doing 45mph rear ended me at a stop light…not to mention all the near misses from blind driver when I’m on my motorcycle…I’d be just fine if other drivers would stay off the road when I’m driving.

I have always had a drivers license and always owned cars.

I currently own a car but lately I do not drive at all - too many fears including agoraphobia and lots of anxiety.

Also feeling dizzy and experiencing some Derealization from Risperdal Withdrawals, this makes it very difficult to drive.

In the past I drove by myself locally

I’m taking my drivers license now, I’m 29. I like driving.