Do you drive? Do you have a vehicle?

Of those I know personally who also have mental illness, especially sz, some drive and some don’t. Some used to but lost the privilege, some choose not to, some can’t. Some who do drive I’ve heard worry that if anything went wrong and they were discovered to be on medication for sz they might lose their drivers license.

I drive. I’m lucky to have a vehicle as well that is while not technically owned by me for insurance reasons, for all intents and purposes my personal vehicle. I did however lose my drivers license for nine months in my later 20’s due to a DUI. I’ll never do that again that’s for darn sure.

Do you drive? Do you not drive? Do you drive but not have a vehicle? Perhaps you’re cruising around in a Farrari for all I know???

hello I’m 42 and been driving since age 26. I’m a good enough driver and always manage to concentrate. however sometimes I find driving stressful for instance the last couple of years I’ve driven to college and had anxiety. I still drive every day but when I go for my degree in September attending two days a week I will get the bus. I like to get the bus sometimes rather than always driving

I do not have an automobile and I do not drive. I have not driven for the longer time. I have a bike.

I have a vehicle and I drive almost everyday…to visit a friend or my sister or to go to the shop etc. I’m very scared of driving on the freeway or at night.

I live in a pretty big city with lots of transport options. I do drive. I have a 2003 Honda Accord. I work flex time so I don’t have to drive in commuter traffic.

Somedays I feel great and feel confident enough to drive, and the traffic is light and it’s all good.

Other days when my focus is bad and I feel scattered, I pick up my bus/rail pass and leave the car keys in the key basket.

I drive, but don’t have a car. I had one, but couldnt afford the payments when I stopped working. Though it worked out because I only need a car like once a month for appointments, right now I take my wife’s car for that.

In the future I do plan on getting an old junker that still runs to drive to appointments and stuff though.

There is no public transportation where I live. so I have to drive. I have a 2010 Ford Escape. I had my driving license for 44 years now.

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I drive car and I ride motorcycle.
In most country from Asia, especially ASEAN countries, you may notice 125cc and capacity below is the most popular motorcycle. Unlike Brazil or Australia, I heard that those were 500cc motorcycles on the road.
I owned a national car, Proton Saga 1.3L, but had transferred the ownership to my sister recently. I have a Yamaha LC 135cc.

I drive and have a vehicle. I’m 32 and have been driving since I was 16. I own a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 with only 17,000 miles on it. I love it.

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yes i drive. i have a 2002 honda hrv 4x4. i love my little car…broom broom :car:

Yes, I drive, but not long distances or I get faint on the highway, used to anyways, I don’t want to drive to see if it still happens because it strands me when I get faint. I do have a 2004 F10 Ford pick up my mom gave me when I moved back to Oklahoma. It’s not good for anything but driving errands around town.

I drive short distances by myself, a bit longer with someone else riding with me. I do own a vehicle

I drive, but haven’t got a driver’s license yet. I can’t drive manual transmission cars, only automatic. I learned on an automatic a year and a half ago. I’m not fond of driving and would let my husband do all the driving, but he has epilepsy so I drive us around in our Toyota Corolla. Driving is nerve-wracking, especially long distance, but necessity calls for it occasionally. Mostly we drive to the shops or bank or library, so its short distance. The hospitals for both of us when we go for checkups are further away.

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Your not the only one who is befuddled by manual transmissions. You are not alone.

I am the opposite. P D N …

I drive and I own a vehicle. It is a 1995 Toyota Corolla with a little over 108,000 miles on it. But it still runs. For how much longer, I don’t know. It is the only car that I have ever owned, and I bought it new in 1995. It is a stick shift, but I think for my next car I would like an automatic. It is very difficult, if not impossible sometimes, to talk on a cell phone while driving a stick shift. I don’t like to drive on the freeway since I started having my big mental problems. Before that, I drove across the country twice, and drove to, and around, DC several times. I also drove around Los Angeles and the freeways there. But now, it is just too scary for me. Also, I don’t trust my car now that it is old. I do need my car though to get to school, shop for groceries, buy cigarettes, go to doctors appointments, just local stuff.

I got my license at age 17 and bought my first car for $450.00, a '66 Chevy. I drove until I was 19 and living at Soteria House after I first got diagnosed. By then my second car had been stolen but a counselor at Soteria would lend me her car to go see my therapist about ten miles away and for otherv errands. But one day I freaked out about people being able to see my eyes in the rear view mirror so I quit driving. That was 1980. I didn’t drive again until I got my third car in 1984, a Datsun with a manual transmission. I had been sick for 4 years by that time. I drove it until my “friend” hosed down my engine with cold water when it had over heated and the block cracked and the car was totaled. So I didn’t have my own car then but my dad loaned me his Cadillac’s all the time until I wrecked them during my drug use days. That brought me up to 1990. My dad bought a new car and gave me his Cadillac. But in January of 1990 I moved into a group home and the owner did not allow any client to own or drive a car. So I sold the Cadillac for $600.00 to some guy. I stayed there 5 years and then moved in with my sister. After a year I got another car. Anyway it’s now 2014. I bought a 2000 Chevy in 2002 and I still have it.

I have driven since I was 16 and I have two vehicles. I am freaked out about breaking down though. I admire people who have learned to live without a car. I get anxious about driving long distances.

I’m 32 and have never learned to drive. I think this is because I was hit with my first really bad Schizophrenic episode when I was a freshmen in high school and that’s when they taught driver’s ed. When I moved into the city they didn’t offer it at the school I went to too, so I never learned. I’ve tried a couple of times and think if I absolutely had to I could drive, but I don’t have a license. I don’t have a car…can’t afford a car if I could drive.

The motor vehicle registration place where I live (Canada) they ask if I had any mental illness when i got my license renewed. I asked if whether or not I have a mental illness would prohibit me from driving and they said no. Wonder why they asked… Anyway, I told them I have sz and they renewed by license