Who else is gay? ✌

Hi all,

I’m thinking about starting a gay group maybe. I know we are all here for sz/a and whatnot, but i need to hear other ill people how they cope with having a gay relationship.

I’ve never been in a relationship and i don’t have any gay friends either. I miss all that.


I’m half-gay. Meaning I’m pan/bi/whatever.
I do lean more towards the same sex than the other.

I haven’t had a gay relationship in years, they’re very hard to come by, it seems. It’s hard to know which women also like women, and whether or not they like me THAT way. Or if I like THEM that way.


Yes, that’s problem for me too. My gaydar is obviously broken.

I don’t even need a relationship right now, as i don’t feel sexual much. But i would really like SOMETHING gay in my life. It’s like my isolation lasted too long for me to remember what it takes to be gay. I have nobody to talk about it.

I want to be gay, dammit.


I must say it’s amazing how many gay schizophrenics there are. I don’t mean any harm by it I’m just saying.

So many people on this forum are bi


Hey there, I’m gay! :smiley:
And @anon97118089 sometimes I think about that and wonder if, for example, a family’s negative reactions to being gay could be one of those environmental factors that can trigger sz. I meet a lot of gay people at my mental health service also, not just schizophrenics but I think it’s significant. It seems like we are (slightly) more prone to that kind of self-medication that can lead to sz as well :thinking: and I guess any minority group has a higher incidence of mental health issues.
Sorry to ramble just got to thinking haha

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Guys l have lots of love for Lgbt group…!!!


Lots of love to you too! More love is good for this world! :two_hearts:

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First of all we are human being…!!! We have right to live the way we like…!!!


I’m bi. I am more attracted to dudes but sometimes its hard to deny how attractive women can be.


Yeah yeah yeah!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@therealbec havent u painted any painting today…!!!

I have, I will make a post and @ you!

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Are u gay @far_cry0

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It’s the same with other mental illnesses. Being gay is not as easy as being straight, which often leads to higher stress levels. This can be a factor in developing schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, either directly through stress levels or indirectly through accompanying behaviors such as drug use.


I’m gay and would definitely want an invitation if you do decide to make a group PM or something like that. I’m also currently in a relationship with a guy.


I’m happy does that count :flushed::flushed::flushed:


I’m not “gay” in the sence you spoke. Apologies if that came across mean. I do believe I may possibly be asexual though


@anon97118089 i am straight man … haaha why do u think so…!!!

Hey dude I was just asking lol…

I know now u not gay haha

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Its cool bro…!!!