How many laundry pods do you use?

I use one or two, but I might switch back to soap powder as it is cheaper than detergent pods.

I’m spoiled. My dad does all the laundry these days. I no longer have to worry about it.

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I only use one.

My parents buy them for me, as I like to use branded ones because I’d like to think the machine will last longer if I use decent pods.

When I get them I get the mega family pack size, as they work out cheaper and I don’t have to buy them as often.

Unfortunately you cannot buy the decent ones in Aldi.

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We use liquid. One capful per load.


I use Bold gel. Before that,at my previous place, I used washing tablets.

I’ve had bad experiences with the pods not dissolving correctly,

So I use liquid.

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We use liquid detergent. Recently, we got pods because there was a really good sale. The number of pods we used depended on the size of the load.

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LS! I use ecological detergent. Marcels green soap. It is better for the environment. And I am allergic to cheap chemical detergent.

I use 1 or 2 on a large load in the machine, and add powder detergent to the dispenser at the laundromat.

I still use liquid detergent, but I remember using the powdered kind. I just hope they don’t stop making the liquid. I haven’t seen powdered detergent in years.

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We use High Efficiency (HE) liquid detergent.

I use two pods … i get the tide ones from Costco. They are pricey

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