Stop Using So Much Laundry Detergent


LS! To make a difference you should use eco friendly detergent. Think of the environment!

i pour like half the bottle in each wash

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I stretch a jug intended for 110 loads to about 250.



Tide pods help me correctly use the right amount, although they’re less eco friendly.


I use tide cold water, suppose to be better for the environment because your machine uses cold water which is more energy efficient than having to heat up hot water. And I don’t use a lot when I do use it and my clothes are always clean and fresh.


Can’t have those in my home as my kid is Gen Z. I’m told they snack on them.

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I use less than called for, but I also add ammonia to get rid of stink.


I used to have to clean and close a laundromat. I never cared how much detergent someone used just as long there asses were out the door at closing time. I clerked the liquor store right next to it and one night after dealing with a million drunks and lowlifes this lady at the laundromat just started her load in the washer at closing time and wanted me to wait an hour. Well, I noticed she wasn’t handing me any money so I kicked her out with wet clothes and all.

Sometimes Skunks have to put their foot down.


That kind of reminds me of working in restaurants. The place would close at 11:00pm and sometimes huge parties of people would walk in at 10:58pm. Then they have to sit around, read the menu, decide what they want. I would end up staying an extra 45 minutes to an hour past closing time. I hated when that happened. I didn’t have the luxury of kicking them out of the restaurant.

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My mom worked 18 years as a short fry cook. She had no problem saying no to people who walked in close to closing time. I would of done the same thing considering the type of people she worked for.

Haha! I got free meals all the time.

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