How many of us use a laundry mat


Not now and pretty stable but points in my life I have. Always took a book because it was in the era before mobile phones so not much to do but wait!

Never met anyone doing the laundry and I’m pretty social. When it comes to underwear I think most people aren’t too eager to swap stories…

And that is my story @TheGreatestDrZen !

I live in an apartment building with coin-operated laundry machines and don’t go to the laundry mat.

I haven’t used a laundromat since the late 80s.

I did many years ago, the apartment I lived in at the time had everyone on a schedule, if you missed your day, you were out of luck

I use them sometimes, but now my friend has bought a washing machine and gives me 2 uses a week, so I won’t have to use the laundromat anymore

Yes, i use a laundromat. Actually i used it this morning. I’ve had very bad luck with washing machines. On 3 occasions, they all stopped being able to spin toward the end of the cycle - so the clothes would still be water logged. Now these were all second hand washing machines, but still, on 3 occasions the same thing happened to all 3 of them. I’ll never use a top loader washing machine again. I think that’s half the problem. When i get around to buying a washing machine, i’ll only use front loaders.

I just bought a house and it came with a really nice washer and dryer. I was pretty happy with it. The washer doesn’t even spin and it’s huge. Works good.

My apartment has coin operated machines in the basement. When the washer broke I went to the laundromat.

The laundromat I go to costs $8 to wash and $5 to dry. But they’re huge oversized machines. Does about 4 loads at once.

The hospital I’m at has a washing machine and dryer we can use for free. I might do some laundry while I’m here.

I used to go to the laundromat all the time. Now i live with my parents and they have a washer and dryer so i just use theirs.

Early 90s for a couple of years I did but not since then

I haven’t used a laundromat since the early 90’s. Today, I have a plastic card worth up to $20 to put in the washing machine at my apartment complex. The washer and dryer is on the ground floor of my apartment building, same as my apartment.

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