Washing powder query

My washing machine broke down and it is really inconvenient to replace it.

I have taken to do a handwash in the tub instead, however, I don’t know which washing powder to use to do it.

There is bio and non bio washing powder and google doesn’t answer my question, which I find strange. I looked on my tesco store and it doesn’t have a washing powder for specifically handwashing, so which washing powder should I use please?

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I use All Free and Clear when I have to use the tub, less environmentally hurting and doesn’t leave a residue in the tub.

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Ariel hand wash is available

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Not at my online tesco shop!

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I personally don’t know but a google search turned up several articles on laundry washing by hand. Heres one;

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As google or bing couldn’t answer my question directly (all they do is try to sell me something!) I asked whether a specific product was suitable for handwashing. The answer I got was try handwashing your curtains with persil non biological washing liquid from the persil site.

This implies that handwashing is achieved best with a non bio liquid or powder!

Ta da! 'It was a simple question and i had to go around the houses to get a result!


my parents are going to buy a new washing machine costs $900

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