How many languages are you learning/do you know?


I know English, some ASL, a tiny bit of Spanish and German, but I’m not fluent in the last three at all.


I know English and a tiny bit of basque and Spanish


I know how to count to ten, colors, the word for eyes, hello, what’s your name, and goodbye in Spanish but that’s basically it.

Edit: I remembered other words I know too, such as dog, paper, and lasagna.


English is my first language, I took 6 years of French in school and 4 years of Spanish. I don’t remember much, a few words here and there. I’m trying to learn Spanish now. I can’t speak at all, but I can read a decent amount.


I took 2 or 3 years of Spanish in middle school, and I literally remember almost none of it.


English some Spanish and am studying on Little Pim Arabic. Though I haven’t studied in at least a week


I know english , very a little of russian and french
But i cant memorize anymore
I memorize very slowly


English and French.



English is my native language. I know a small smattering of German but my newfound interest is studying biblical Hebrew and Koine Greek. The Greek is coming along better than the Hebrew atm.

In the future I would like to study either Chinese or Finnish or possibly Lakota. :slight_smile:


I speak only Romanian and sometimes I write here in English :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


English is my native language, and sometimes I dabble in learning Spanish.


I speak English.

I can understand and speak German decently but grammar is hard

I know very basic Spanish

I am learning Japanese

I would like to learn ASL because I sometimes go mute and I have an alter who is completely mute

And I speak A very tiny bit of Hungarian


ASL is very fun to learn, at least for me. I know a lot of sentences and then even more words just by themselves, but not enough to have a complex conversation.

It’s kind of hard learning the grammar for me, because it’s different than spoken English, but I’m trying to learn it. You should try learning it if you have an alter that’s completely mute, but then other people you need to communicate with would have to learn some too.


I actually have a piece of paper with some sentences I know, and I know even more than those if I was asked to say something, but the ones on the paper are just things I feel might come up in conversation.

Edit: here it is


I speak Danish, Norwegian, English and Swedish.
I’ve always wanted to learn sign language, but classes are hard to find outside Copenhagen unless you become deaf and need them.


What’s Lakota ???


There are many websites online that you can learn sign language from. I personally use and it’s run by people who have been deaf since birth. As far as I know though, it only teaches ASL, which is American Sign Language, so if you wanted to learn a different kind of signed language you might need to find an other website.


I want to learn the Danish one.


Oh, well I don’t know any websites for that, but good luck to you!


I speak English, French and Italian.