How many languages are you learning/do you know?


There is an app actually, but I don’t think I’d be able to maintain sign language if I didn’t have someone to speak it with or regular practice.


That’s true. I have periods where I’m not as interested in learning sign language for the same reasons. Then I have periods where I don’t want to stop until I’m fluent, which definitely won’t be anytime soon. Whenever I’m in one of the periods where I really enjoy it, I talk to my mom in sign language while I’m also talking in English, and sometimes she will say simple things back, like “yes,” “no,” or “I love you too” in sign language.

It is hard to maintain without having someone else who knows as much as/ more than you. Then you don’t know if you’re even using the correct grammar, and might learn it incorrectly. It’s still fun for me though.


English, et un petite peu de Francais seulement. Merci, la belle province :v:


Damn that’s awesome!! My favorite phrase on that sheet is “I like your cat” cause it is clearly the most important one :cat:

You’ll get the hang of grammar it just takes practice!!

And that’s true nobody in my family knows sign language but I figure I can maybe teach them a little. Cause right now my alter is having to write everything down.

My problem is finding some way i can learn it though. Cause all I know in sign language is the alphabet… how are you learning??


There’s a couple of websites I used to use, but the only one I still use is and it’s a website run by people whose first language is ASL.

It’s a great website in my opinion, and it’s really helpful. It has many features, one included is a reverse dictionary, which is when you fill out the hand movement and position and it comes up with possible signs. Another one is just a regular dictionary, where you type in a word and it comes up with the sign. You can also search phrases and it has many of them.

You should check it out, it’s really cool.


Thank you for the resource!! :smiley:


I know english and portuguese, I want to learn japanese…


By the way, since you like the “I like your cat” one, I’ll tell you how to say it.

If the cat is near enough to point, you can point at the cat, then point to your chest which means “I,” and then put your middle finger and thumb together, leaving the rest of your fingers up, and then use your middle finger and thumb to make a motion as if your picking fuzz off of your chest, but don’t throw it. That means dislike.

If the cat isn’t there, do the same thing of pointing to yourself and the motion with your middle finger and thumb, then put all of your fingers together, as if you’re about to give them a high five, and act like you’re pushing air towards the person you’re talking to. Then use your pointer finger and thumb to act like you’re stroking the end of some whiskers on your face. This is an exact translation of " I like your cat."

I hope that all made sense.



Lakota is an indigenous language of the Native American Souix though the word Souix isn’t a nice way of putting it. I have ancestral heritage from a reservation in South Dakota. My great grandpa was of Lakota origin. :slight_smile:


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