How many calories a day do women on here consume a day to lose weight?

How many calories do you consume a day to lose weight? Women? I’ve been consuming roughly 2200 calories a day this week and burning off 500 through exercise and have lost none.

I’m finding it really hard to limit eating as feel hungry. I cycled over six miles yesterday and might build it up to 20 miles and hope I lose weight.


I think @Zannah lost lots of weight on 1200 calories.
I lost weight too on 1000-1200 calories but was only able to maintain the diet for a month. I was living on 5 calories/140g Shirataki noodles lol


Yeah it’s really tough maintaining losing calories on anti psychotics. Don’t think I could do 1200.


Unless it’s changed the most you should consume daily just to maintain your weight is 2000. Idk tho my sister lost a lot of weight and said the amount of Cals you take in depends on your starting weight but she’s not a dr or nutritionist. I would call maybe a nutritionist. You could google it but believe it or not you can’t find everything online

Maybe if I exercise absoloutely loads I can do it.

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Yeah but I think if your exercising a lot you can consume more calories.

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I lost 93 pounds in a year by eating 1200 calories per day and getting 20-30 minutes of cardio 4 to 5 days per week and weight training 20 to 30 minutes 3 days per week.


My doctor said to eat a low carb high meat and veggies 1,200 calorie and absolutely no sugary drinks with diet and I started it before and lost 10 lbs but I started eating sweets and sugary drinks and stop counting calories again and it started making me gain again


How did you manage to stick to 1200 calories on anti psychotics?

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Try 1400 then. You’ll still lose, just slower

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Determination. I’ve been publically humiliated over my weight more than once. I kept my protein intake high to keep full but still ate plenty of carbohydrates


@Zannah my doctor said no carbs


Ok. Then stick with a high protein diet


@Star84 , go here to figure out the maximum number of calories you can eat, and still lose weight.


Obviously (I don’t mean that rudely). Personally if I could I would go to a nutritionist.

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If you’re eating 2,200 calories a day AND your exercising something is wrong if you’re not losing weight.

More likely than not your consuming more calories than you realize.


I have absolutely no idea how many calories I consume per day and I’m proud of it.

I am still losing weight though.

Albeit not at a rate of 1kg per week which I find is too much weight loss per week for me

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I don’t count my calories.

Not all products say how many calories they are and I think it’s too difficult.

I was 55 kg when I ate belvita breakfast biscuits for breakfast.,

A weight watchers bar for lunch or a toasted cheese sandwich.,

Two sausage and pasta cheese and vegetables for dinner or schnitzel and chips and vegetables for dinner.(had that every week)

Now I’m on a vegan diet I’m 60 kg.

I try to be healthy but have been binge eating lately.

Vegan Oreo slice is trouble for me.:yum:
Ha ha ha
It’s sooooo delicious.
Probably best chocolate cake I ever had.

Been eating lots of pizza and chips etc too and I’ve always been a sucker for bread with butter.yum.

I will see if I can meet a dietitian.

I feel absoloutely terrible about my weight. Don’t know what to do. Feel hungry often.

Why do you feel terrible about your weight. Are you gaining?