Will I lose weight eating 1500- 2000 calories a day

I’m currentlly 13.8 stone 5.4 tall and need to lose weight. Medication makes me hungry so can’t go really low calorei. Will I lose weight eating 1500-2000 calories a day?

It depends on your metabolism and your activity levels. The higher both are the more you’ll lose,

I’m counting my calories and am consuming under 2000 calories a day.
So far I’ve lost about 5lbs.

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I how much time Wave. Are you male or female?

I’m still trying different intakes to find which I lose on :frowning:

I’m male and I lost 5lbs within about 3 weeks.

I don’t know how much a"stone’ is but it depends on your metabolism and what you eat. I believe that 2000 calories is about how much a typical adult should have a day or at least it’s ballpark just sustain yourself and be healthy without gaining or losing weight. I think nowadays there’s so much conflicting information, ideas, and opinions on what constitutes a good diet that it is a little confusing.

I think the most basic part of a good diet is eating vegetables. I think most people would agree with that. Most diets out there will include several servings a day of vegetables and the brighter color and how varied the colors are the best way to go. Dairy is usually included in diets. Fat-free is usually best but low-fat might suffice.

But supermarkets sell fat-free milk, fat free cottage cheese, fat free yogurt and if I remember correctly, they sell fat free cream cheese (which is good on stuff like celery or low-fat crackers or I just used to eat it plain, like tablespoon a day) I think most people would agree with this so far. But it gets trickier when it comes to meat. The low-carb diets might recommend plenty of meat because it’s protein and filling and through some kind of process I can’t explain here, if you are following a diet like the Atkins, meat will burn fat off your body.

On the Atkins which I personally lost 50 lbs (while on Resperidone) meat is the main part of the diet and infact that diett says yu can have as much meat as you want. Beef, chicken, pork, turkey and ofcoursse fish or other specific types of seafood. Yeah, I was on that diet about almost two years and Dr. Atkins claim that you will never go hungry was accurate. But you don’t hear about Atkins any more. It had a lot of critics and it seems to have fallen out of favor but at it’s peak of popularity it was in the media constantly. I’m just guessing but the fact that meat is so outrageously expensive nowadays probably played a part in it’s demise. But meat critics recomend eating meat more conservatively. They recommend eating a couple of servings a day and eating leancuts of meat and boneless, skinless chicken. Anyways, a million books have been written about dieting and you will get a million different opinions. But yeah, people seem to agree that not eating too much carbs is a good rule of thumb. Limiting sugar seems to be another point that everybody agrees on. If you are older like me, (57) watching your salt intake will help keep your blood pressure down.

PLenty of water is a given onmost any diet. Water for your body is like oil for your car, it keeps things running smoothly. FRuit is kind of a eird thing ondiets because I thi k most peole assume fruit is healthy and neccassary. But you will have difernt opinions on what fruit to eat because fruit has it’s ownform of sugar (I think it’s called sucrose?) and eating lots of certain fruits will give you too much sugar, even though fruit is good fiber.

Stuff like pineapple and grapes have lots of sugar (sucrose). Melons seem to be OK. Just kind of eat fruit in moderation. Probably limit yur nit intake too. They have lots of oil and calories and people tend to eat too many of them when they have them. Pasta was not recommended on Atkins org startch. Pasta and potatoes and corn was almost prohinbuted but nowadays whiloe grain pasdta seems to be allowed. Beans havr a part ina healty diet, they have fiber. THis is just general knowledge, I’m not getting into every specific part of a diet. Like I said, I’mtrying to fit in a few paragraphs what has had a million books written about it.

Just generally avoid too much of the wrong fat, avoid fast food, sugar. Frozen entrees, though some diets have teir ownhealthy brand, are generally too be avoided. All those frozenburritos and pizza and meatloaf and enchiladas have a lot of salt and preservatives. Anyways if you plowed through this whole thing I wrote I would be surprised but I pesonaly after losing 50 lbs about 8 years ago thangaing it back througvh negligence, but thenlosing 60 lbs, this is what I’ve learned. Currently I am with a nutritinest that my health coverage pays for. This is what she basically says. Anyways I wish you good luck.

Sorry my battery on my computer is dying because I’m at the park so I have to post this with mostly spelling errors.

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You will get a lot of different answers to this question depending on who you ask. 1,500-2,000 calories a day should result in weight loss. However, don’t focus on the number of calories, focus on the quality of those calories. 1,500-2,000 calories which are all carbs is not going to help you lose weight.

Thanks 77nick77

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For a short woman, you really have to go down to about 1200 calories a day to see any results. I am a tall woman, five feet eight and a half, so I can take around 1400 calories a day and see results. 2000 calories a day is really a maintenance diet.

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I am currently 198lbs and am trying to lose the weight too. I am so stressed about it because I keep gaining at least 2lbs a month. The medication I am on (invega sustenna) makes me gain. I need to start walking and watching my caloric intake. It’s just so hard because I live with my mom, and she makes alot of yummy foods with gravies etc. I just don’t have the motivation to work out.

I lost 9 kg with calories restriction and exercise in two month after coming off risperidone

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Uhhh there’s websites that can tell you exact statistics just google it or get the app MyFitnessPal that calculates everything for you

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