I tried allowing myself 1500 calories per day and

I gained 2 pounds. I’m back down to the lower amount so hopefully it goes away


I got weighed in yesterday and have also gained back 3 pounds. Oh well, lose 10 , gain 3 is still losing some in my book.


We just have to get back on track. It’s a learning curve seeing what you can and can’t do to stay at a healthy weight


You sound like you have a slow metabolism like me. I probably should be eating around 1200 to lose and 1300 or 1400 to maintain.


Yes. I do have a slow metabolism. So you’re right, I have to eat less to maintain or lose.

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I have never found gains through calorie restriction to be helpful

Not saying that it doesn’t do anything, but yo yo effect happens

For me I lost weight by understanding side effects of meds, and experimenting with them until I struck a balance of mental stability - with no weight gain

Apart from that doing physical activity came afterwards, and that has definitely helped.

Starving yourself of you daily calories in my view cannot be sustained in long term, as I tried it

One time I lost a lot of weight by just eating cous cous with mixed veg and tuna for 6 months

That was not healthy, and I can’t get anywhere near that weight now

Please look after yourself, and avoid quick fixes

Also weigh yourself at the same time of day

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I’ve lost 100 pounds over the last year. I’m sticking to calorie counting and exercise


I gained 2kgs this month.
I’m 120 again.
I’m so disappointed.
I had stopped eating at nights.
Now i don’t even care anymore.


You do care if you’re frustrated. Don’t be angry with yourself, and don’t give up. Just keep trying

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You gained 2lbs on 1,500 calories, which is less than your body needs to function each day

It’s storing energy because you’re depriving yourself of sustenance

Losing that much weight is great, and I am pleased you have done this, but other measures can be implemented that may take longer to effect, but the results are achieved in a much healthier and sustainable way

That said, everywhere you look people say this or that fad diet, so no one really knows the best way (Or can agree on it)

It’s just my opinion that starving your body of calories is not a long term solution


I’m confused why you think she didn’t lose weight in a healthy way. It sounds to me she worked hard to lose what she did in the time that she did it in.

It is true some people have slower metabolisms and so you have to eat less to maintain a certain weight and not gain back. Obviously it also matters what you consume, and how often, which I’m sure she already knows what that is, as evident by her weight loss journey.

1500 calories a day for a WOMAN is quite sufficient. It’s more if you are a man.

There is no need to be that way.

Be proud of yourself, @ZmaGal I’m cheering you on.

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Thanks so much @anon47572819! Yes, I got permission from my dr to do this and I had several sessions with a nutritionist so I’m comfortable with my choices.

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I only say because I did it this way three times and the weight went back on each time +/- 80Ibs every time

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I understand. You don’t want this to happen to her. Weight loss and gain is such a tricky thing. You gotta trust she knows what she is doing.

I was told that your weight can fluctuate by up to three times a week, so it’s okay not to worry too much about it. Ive lost some weight, too. Since I have, I’ve worried that my weight will balloon again, so even gaining a pound or two can be stressful.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, @Joker

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Hello, since you are counting calories i would suggest you the app my fitness pal, that is what i use and it helped me loose 10 kg.

For me 1500 calories seems to little, i eat around 3000 calories a day and i dont put on weight. I think you will loose weight quicker if you exercise, what kind of exercise do you do?

I already use MyFitnessPal. I do cardio 5 times a week and weight lifting 3 times a week. For cardio, sometimes I jog, sometimes I use the rowing machine, the elliptical, the recumbent bike, etc. I mix it up so I’m not bored.

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Thats amazing, congrats

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Thanks @anon96203037!!!

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