How long for blood to return to normal after clozapine?

Hi, my neutrophil count is showing red, after taking a blood test because I take Clozapine. Does anybody else know how long it takes to return to normal? Many thanks!

I take clozaril. I’ve never had a bad blood test so I don’t know. Sorry

Do know that it causes weight gain. I gained a lot of weight on it

How long have u been taking clozapine?

One year! However, I stopped for six weeks and so only for about six weeks now!

Did your doctor take you off of it? If not, you should really speak with them before stopping. The withdrawal can be very damaging.

I went red after a year on clozapine but my neutrophils returned to normal very quickly. I have had a year off clozapine and I am in hospital st the moment retrying clozapine as it is the only drug that helps me. So far all green with neutrophils hovering around 4,0. Hope you can find an alternative med that helps

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Yes! I have had to stop it immediately because of the blood test result. Already I am not sleeping… it’s 4am in the UK…


The withdrawal for me when I had to stop were terrible. I lost 4 stone in 3 months I did not sleep eat and I felt generally shitty. I am in the uk too. Restarting clozapine in hospital in Liverpool hope you are well

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Can you replace it with another similar antipsychotic? Like Zyprexa or Seroquel? From what I have read Clozapine is very hard to come off and people often end up more insane than they were to start with.

Hi, I am thinking about trying quetiapine. I have been on every antipsychotic but now Clozapine is going poorly and I have to avoid one’s which raise prolactin so I’m not sure what to do. I feel a bit weak and anxious though!

Quetiapine does not raise prolactin. Taking Zyprexa would be an easy transition from clozapine. Also Quetiapine is the anitpyschotic most similar to Clozapine in terms of the way it binds to receptors and struturally. It does not cause the white blood cell problem though, and I don’t think it is as strong as Clozapine.

You have taken every antipsychotic. Wow. Maybe you are never going to find one you like. Just saying.

Twice or triple half life of drug
If accumalted through time it may take time

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Yes, I guess so. Humph. I like Clozapine best and plan to return to it once my blood normalizes.

May be 2 months or three months

Up to 66 hours apparently! If I wait 3 months I will go bazirk!

May be it takes a one week time to get normal blood count.