Starting clozapine

I’ve been booked into hospital on Monday to start clozapine, i was wonder what peoples experience was /is with it, im most worried bout weight gain. This will be the 6th AP I’ve tried feels like a last cbance saloon, honestly with out my son I woukdnt be here, so i need to make this work.


all I know about it, is if you fail to get blood tests, then you could be dead. don’t skip/miss the blood tests you’re supposed to have with clozapine, ever.

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I was one of the people who skipped blood tests. It didn’t turn out well. Don’t EVER skip blood tests. Odds are you won’t have the problem I did, but if you do, the blood tests will give you the advance warning you need to not get really sick.


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Thanks, yeah its been stressed to me no blood test no meds

It’s one of the more effective meds for positive symptoms and it did do quite a bit of good for me, too. Wishing you luck with it. Weight gain is a problem so find yourself an exercise buddy. PM me if you want a buddy on – there’s a few of us here. :smile:



Hope it works for you! I’ve been on it for the past 3 years after being on other medications I didn’t respond well to. It worked wonders for me, hopefully it does the same to you too. The weight gain isn’t as bad as other meds either. Like other members said, be diligent with your blood work, you could get sick or they could refuse to give you your medication at the pharmacy. Good wishes man!


Clozapine gave me terrible side effects, like drooling and excessive sleeping, so I didn’t take it long enough to see if it would work. Apparently it takes a year to reach its highest efficacy but I only took it for ten months. It is a good med, but the side effects are challenging. Its about weighing the pros and the cons. It may not have agreed with me, but it may agree with you.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the replies, I understand everyone reacts different, just hope i dont end up fatter zombified version of my self

Clozapine was the only AP that ever did anything for me, if you’re a non-responder to the other meds chances are this will do something. It did cause me some weight gain but I work out alot so it has been muscle mass instead of fat. The side effects were mild compared with all the other drugs I’ve taken.

After a few months you are safe on clozapine
If you get allergic reaction it happens before a certain time
I’ve been on clozaril over 10 years and lived independently
Weight loss is an issue but you have to manage that with exercise and healthy eating

Thanks for the information, I go info hospital today, I’m a little worried as you hear about side effects and worry that you will get them all.

I’m hopeful I wont.

Did you have severe positive symptoms? I read somewhere that it is not used in first hand, rather is the others like Abifily.

Don’t skip the meds either. If you’ve missed more than a day or so you have to contact your doc to see the best way to restart.

Looks like this post is about a week old. I have a lot of (10 years) of Clozaril experience. For someone just starting my best advice is to give yourself time to adjust. Don’t take on anything additional. You are going to be pretty tired as your body gets used to it. It will most likely zonk you out to the point where you’ll easily sleep 10-16 hours a day. It’s pretty heavy duty so you may feel out of sorts. When I took high doses I took the bulk of it at night due to sedation. I remember I would have to be sure I was ready to get into bed within about 10 minutes of taking it because it would be pretty sedating/dizzying. I think this would apply to someone starting as well.

Clozaril was not good for me, but I had to take for so long because it was a last resort. I’m more than happy to answer questions. Some of the side effects were a bit bizarre in that they were so different from everything else. A lot are pretty common on Clozaril, but were confusing.

Let me clear something that I noticed up. If you are in the US, you MUST have blood drawn once a week for 6 months to start. If your white cells and neutrophylls are low, you will be yanked off of it so fast it’ll make your head spin. Then you must be monitored every week for a month to ensure your white blood cells and neutrophyll count comes back.

I had voices which the clozapine stopped straight away.if you get them theres a good chance it will stop them very quickly.the blood tests are a bit annoying but A small price to pay.drooling a bit as well but nothing to bad.

I started titration on weddensday and I’m up to 100mg a day total so far, main side effecf is rapid pulse I had been in hospital lots of positive sympotms now, just worried about thd heart rate wonder if it would return to normal. Ive triesd 5 other AP, still got the crisis team coming out twice day is to monitor blood pressure etc as i go up to minimum 300mg

I know the heart rate is something to watch out for, too. Sounds like they are monitoring it though. I took 8 drugs before Clozaril (and one after). Some people don’t respond to meds. Make sure you can handle the dosing increases. I personally ran into being pumped full of more drugs when they got frustrated by me not responding. Sometimes more drugs won’t help as much as taking a dose you can handle and slowly progressing with other things you are able to manage in your life.

Clozaril is very sedating, taking high doses can just zonk you out. See if you can get to a point where the edge is off and see if they are able to help you out with any support groups or activities. Those things can help much more than meds even. Make sure to try to regulate your diet and exercise. If you are able to do that from the start, I imagine the weight and metabolism issues won’t be as bad. Clozaril is also known to cause insulin resistance.

Sometimes you will get sugar cravings really badly. It can also give you super bad constipation. A lot of things I ran into were things I wasn’t aware of or didn’t attribute to Clozaril until I discontinued it. Being aware can really help you out. The diet and exercise is really big, see if you can spin that into some daily goals that will give you a focus and help with managing the Clozaril. Expand your cooking abilities and make sure to make things high in fiber and low on the glycemic index. Try to get out for at least a walk every day.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any other questions!

Thanks so much for your advice and info, im hoping the top dose will be 300mg, would prefer to tske it all at night too, so i can sleep off most of the drowsiness etc they have also put me on zoloft., if it prove too much regarding side effect i will ask to change meds et doessthe sedation ever go away

Back in 1990, I tried getting on Clozapine at home alone. I wandered around unconscious for several days until my family took me to a hospital. Worse things than that happened which I won’t go into. My point is, you made a good choice going into a hospital to get on this drug. Maybe you had no choice. AP’s are hellish anyway you look at it.

The worst antipsychotic I’ve been on for weight gain

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