How long did it take for approval? SSI/SSDI

How many times until it goes through?

@Andrew, It took me three months for my SSDI to get approved. But, that was back in 1996. And that was with no lawyer. Big difference between then and now.
My son was approved in three months back in 2001 for SSI. And that was with the very best Social Security disability lawyer in our state. And it takes the best to get approved that quickly.

I’m on my third time but I have a lawyer this time.

I was almost immediately approved because I was very messed up and my care was expensive almost from the start. I remember I was on it very shortly after my parents complained about the price of my meds. I don’t know if it involved a lawyer but I wouldn’t be surprised. I had a sinking feeling when the guys signing me on asked if I had a bank account and then said it could be no more than $2,000 and for many years afterwards you couldn’t even work for pay… I’ve heard there’s a movement to end that rule and there is ABLE accounts as well so you guys may have it better. (you can’t do crap with $2,000 or less.)

Does that mean you can’t save up month after month?

It took my mother in law about four months,

No attorney.

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It was only about 6 weeks from when I submitted my application to when I got my approval letter. No lawyer. But I had many many years of doctor’s and hospital records and have a few physical disabilities on top of the mental disability.

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Two months to get ssi back in 2010

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If you qualify for an ABLE account you can save a fair amount of money. (although once the government caught wind of it they lowered the total you could save below what some states were offering.) If you don’t you are limited to $2,000 for SSI and something like $3,000 for SSDI. You are also limited to the car you have when you apply with the next one limited in price. They also limit the housing you can have. There is a push to improve that but in this political climate it’s questionable how far it will go. The reason for these limitations is that up to now the US government hasn’t believed in socialized medicine so if your working age they punish you for using it for medical help so everybody doesn’t apply and it becomes that.

SSDI, 4 months, no lawyer, 2012. But I had several hospitalizations and I think that made it go faster.

I worked for Social Services when I was younger and in my experience many people had to wait years and most people had to go to the appeal process to get their SSI approved. A lot of the time the problem was the paperwork wasn’t completed correctly and once the lawyers filled out the paperwork correctly the whole process went smoothly.

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