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How is your talking/conversation skills?


I basically focus on what he wants to think me to. Not what he is thinking about. ( In any conversation.)


Pretty awful in general. It seemed to get worse after my 1st episode. Sometimes it’s not so bad if I’m with someone I really connect with.


good listening skills is a really good quality,

i’m pretty good at it listening and talking, i was on the phones volunteering not long ago.


I haven’t made a phone call in over 3 years because of my anxiety. I also have delayed thought processing (dunno if this is the right word) so I will ask ‘what?’ And then understand what they were saying .5 seconds after. I’m really good at talking ■■■■ when I’m mad though.


I’m not a good talker at all. I’m awesome at listening but five minutes of small talk is all I can handle in most cases. Plus when they see my flat affect they get the drift I’m not a good conversationalist anyhow.


I’m okay at it but I cannot remember names or people I talk to unless I’ve known them a long time. I’ll lose track of the conversation or zone out if I’m having a bad day. If someone confronts me about something and they give me attitude then I tend to clam up and just take it despite not being a small guy.

I can talk for a while about things but eventually I’ll run out of steam or lose focus and just go quiet.


I tend to ramble. Still, I enjoy giving others the chance to speak.