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How is your talking/conversation skills?


Mine isn’t good probably because I share little.I listen to People talk more than I talk.


Listening is the most important part of conversational skills…


Mine is pretty bad. I find conversations a chore. I can sustain a conversation for about 20 minutes before I dry up.

I have a family function to go to this month and it’s going to be stressful.


I can’t remember names or birthdays.


I listen. Eventually kids are told they need to participate in school after so many years of being told to be quiet and sit still. So it’s kinda effed up in that regard. But I listen and I participate.


Good days and bad days with talking
Talking can be hard when your anxiety is bad


I have a terrible time with those too… ive forgotten my own birth date a bunch of times…


I used to be really very bad, people would always say I was so quiet and shy. I never knew what to say and couldnt do social chitchat. I did learn, to the point that some people in one on one conversations even think i am not shy at all and an extravert. In groups im still awkward and quiet though. And I cant do the kind of talk with people in a group talking about nothing and having fun…I prefer meaningful one on one conversations or joking in my own way with people I know well. I have social anxiety, they even thought of autism, but people generally dont notice in superficial contacts.


I think i got a good one off at the parts store yesterday… everyone behind the counter had a beard… 6 people… i said what do you need a beard to work here?.. they laughed and said apparently… then i singled out the one with the least beard and said well that guys slacking… they all laughed…and then started giving each other crap about who had the best beard… i got a free drink…


My conversation skills are ok. But, I can only keep up for about three hours talking back and forth with someone then, I dry up after that.


Just 3 hours… lol… thats actually a long long time… thats 2 feature films of average lengths long…in 1 sitting…


LOL, yes, I’m a talker. In my defense, the other person is talking too.


Im pretty good at talking…I think I ramble sometimes…company that I know makes me excited…I’m not such a great talker to those I don’t know though


I need to work on my listening skills.


I’m passable with small talk like at the bus stop or grocery store check out, but any more than that and I’m no good. I get confused and overwhelmed too easily.


It depends.
I’m a little better on the phone usually, but overall I’m not a big conversationalist.
My social anxiety gets in the way and I get overwhelmed easily, or I keep quiet.


Lackluster. Constant headache and memory issues make me dull company.


I’m not good at small talk and am quite awkward at it. I much prefer having a conversational partner who does most of the talking. I do well if I have subjects to comment on.

Oddly I did not have this issue until 1st depressive episode in middle school. After that conversation became something requiring effort/thought.


yea I’m sorta the same way. it depends on who I’m talking to…but I daze off sometimes. If the person is asking me frequest questions on the subject or something I may be familiar with, I talk to them. the more they talk I talk. I am mostly distant though…my memory works the same way. if they bring up the memory, I can remember better. This may be a problem on a “first date” situation lol…


My talking skills are bad so I try to listen a lot. But it’s fun listening to others talk.