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How is your talking/conversation skills?


I can be great at conversation if I don’t think too much about what we’re talking about, but that’s not much fun for me to begin. But it’s kinda the thing that you have to do small talk before you get to the big talk.

Otherwise, misunderstanding tends to be king in my communications, for better or worse.


I stutter a lot and say different words than what I’m thinking.


Pretty bad because normies like to talk about stupid things, have many outbursts and because they talk, they talk, they talk… Where do they find the energy and the words???

Meanwhile talking with schizophrenics is much better because they say more important things, do more pauses to recover and have common issues and topics. :slight_smile:


I struggle with small talk. Generally a big hindrance is I don’t do much to stretch a conversation out with.


I use to be quite articulate when I was younger. Very outgoing and confident too. Now it’s a whole different story. Sometimes I’m completely mute due to my severe anxiety. Other times I’m so zonked out on my meds that I forget what I was saying halfway through my sentence. My tone is much flatter, I find making facial expressions difficult. Sometimes I’ll have something to say in my head and what comes out of my mouth is complete gibberish. Its a terrible thing to struggle with. Especially since I’m a cute girl so people are always trying to converse with me. And the people who remember me from school assume I’m still bright & bubbly, and seem disappointed when they discover that it’s not the case anymore.


A lot better since I became a peer support volunteer!


I’m very social and am good at “people”,

Does that make sense?

I feel like some people might find me a little brash,

Fortunately, I don’t care.

Being good at small talk doesn’t mean you have to like everyone…


I’ve always been a talker. Started when I was little and just progressed from there. I did enlish at Uni for a year or so and did mostly communication so learned a bit as well.

It really is a skill and it can be learned. You just need to practice it. I think being able to talk is good for sz…you have to be able to think quickly and helps cognition for sure.


Im bad at it, i cannot say things the way i want to, it takes me too long to think of a reply, i have flat affect, and sometimes i cant makeout what they are saying


It depends on how I feel there are days where I can only give yes no responses or am totally mute. Other days I’m so eloquent I’m just like lol what mental illness. But most of the time I’m pretty forgetful like I’ll be in the middle of a sentence and lose my train of thought or my words or whatever.


I am absolutely awful with faces. I mixed up friends I’ve know for a long time and even mixed up my son with someone else’s son that looked similar and was wearing similar clothes. I don’t think there is any worse thing I could do to a conversation than confusing one person with another. The other person was very confused as to what I was talking about. lol.

Other than that, I also like to just sit and listen for most of the time. Then there are some days I just can’t stop talking. Plus, my husband complains a lot about me jumping around on topics a lot. He also says my discussions tend to rat hole.


I don’t like small talk at all. This makes me totally hate the hairdressers.

Talking/listening is like listening to music. I studied music.

Just like music, in the same way when talking people may repeat phrases, pause (rest) crescendo, diminuendo, go forte or piano (loud soft). Legato or staccato.

This makes matters very very complex. You spot many things others don’t if they are not fully aqaintatned with this concept. This is a simple but very very deep thing.

You may spot a lie, manipulation tactics. Many things. Simple things. But very deep matters at play. So talking and listening is both difficult.

Such a simple thing talking. But a very complex one too


I think I’m having a conversation with others, only to find out later that no one has ever actually listened to me.
When I listen instead of talk, I get these awfully clingy type of folks that wont go away.


They use to be great people tell me. But they’ve gotten much worse. But there’s nothing wrong with listening more than talking, that by itself can be considered an asset.


I like talking to people 1 on 1 so I have a captive audience. I can discuss just about any topic so coming up with things to talk about is not hard. Most of all I like sharing ideas and learning new stuff or perspectives.

Talking in groups is much harder cause I don’t get that connection going and trying to follow multiple people is more annoying.

Give me 1 person, 2 beers (1 each) and I can make a friend


I really love this story, great sense of humor you have there. :brain:


I dont like talking. only some brief responses, and usually mute. when I am comfortable I may even make jokes but I dont like conversations.


That’s of they not talking ■■■■


I’m more comfortable talking the more I know someone. I prefer 1 on 1 conversation to speaking up in a group. I can small talk 1 on 1 fairly well with a new person but speaking up in a new group gives me social anxiety a bit. Probably a lot depends on my mood that day too, some days I feel more social than others.


I thought I had auditory processing disorder. My mind wanders when I’m talking to people too.