How is your sleeping schedule and hours like?

Having a good sleep at night is so important that it can affect your mental wellbeing.With a good sleep schedule and enough hour,you would probably be healthier

Anyway,I sleep at around 12.30am-1.30am since I was diagnosed and taking psychiatrict meds.Its been around 6 years of good sleep and enough hour of sleep.In order to recover,you will need sleeping time

I’m up doing a friends laundry, I usely get up at one

Im awake till i can no longer stay awake tgen i take a nap. Laat night i did sleep from 3am to 9am…i was up 48 before that though…

would you have keep a sleeping schedule if you wanted?

I would love a normal sleep cycle new symptoms are preventing this. I have ambien that i havent been on very long but it has very little effect.

I go to bed at 1-2 am and wake up around 10-11am.

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You have got good sleep :slight_smile:

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I go to bed at 9pm wake up at 6:30am

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My sleep schedule used to be all over the place - but now I go to bed at around 9:30pm and wake around 6:00am. Prefer this.

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Don’t set an alarm though.

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My sleeping pattern is erratic. I might sort of follow a schedule for a couple of weeks, then it will change. The length of time I sleep also changes. Yesterday I went to sleep around 5:00 pm and got up around 12:30 am today. I like having time to myself in the mornings. I’m a morning person. I often get my days and nights completely turned around on the weekend.

I go to bed at 9 or 930pm and try to sleep until 730, but this morning I got up at 4; will be a long day.

Normally I go to bed at nine and get up at four, but lately (the past two days) I have been waking up around one o clock am in pain. It covers my lower back and into my abdomen. So I have been sleeping very erratic hours and sleeping during the day, which is affecting my coding.