How did you get your sleep schedule back on track if it was way off?

I relapsed years ago and my sleep schedule kept getting worse.

Know I am sleeping from 4-6 am and getting up at 4-6pm.

I have started getting up at 2-3pm for the last week or so.

I would like to go to bed around 12am and get up at 10am, but it is hard because my body got so used to sleeping till 5pm.

Any one have success from changing thier sleep schedule that was way off to somthing more normal?

One strategy I use is intentionally depriving myself of sleep all day, even though I was up all night. No caffeine. Then, when night comes, I crash. But I’m writing this at two in the morning, so maybe my advice isn’t the best.

I am trying on getting by with 10 hours of sleep a day, by getting up earlier than usuall.

I was sleeping 12hours a day.

Would like to get it down to 9hours of sleep a day for most of the time.

I have a four day cycle. I sleep two or three hours a night for three days, then I get twelve hours straight on the fourth night. It is awful and I wish my body would stop doing this to me.

I would just sleep 12hours everyday I slept.

I would go longer but sometimes it was already 6pm.

Yesh, I do the same. Sleep deprivation until I can’t handle it anymore. Luckily one day suffices.
But that’s not healthy. Best thing to do is talk to your pdoc about a sleeping aid. I have zolpidem.

My sleep pattern is like yours. Last night I slept from 7:00 pm to midnight. I’ve gotten to where I like have the still hours of the morning to myself.

I have tried every sleeping aid I’m allowed to. Nothing works :pensive:

You have that kind of energy that lights whole cities :smile: I figure a simple sleeping aid wouldn’t do anything for you :smile:

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Haha yeah, and I’m not allowed to take anything with a high potential for abuse because I had some trouble with codeine after my brain surgery.