My new sleep schedule

A new sleep pattern has emerged.

Roughly 7pm -10;30/11pm.

And then about 11:30 until 4am or maybe a tad later than 4am but not much.

So from 7 until 4 with a 1 hour up time inbteeen it all where I get up and have a drink

Is this good ? I feel much better cause I’m staying up all day and getting stuff done.

You have to figure out what works the best for you. If this sleep pattern suits you then go with it.

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My new sleep schedule is apparently falling asleep at 6 am in the morning and sleeping til noon. Not enough sleep. I have a hard time falling asleep at night lately.

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I throw my sleep schedule around to fit the bill.

If I need to adjust it, I just stay up 36 hours. Done.

Sometimes I might just begin to rest much earlier lamenting there in the bed as though I’m trying to sleep, so that with all of the extra hours laying their resting with eyes closed in a “trying to sleep mode,” I can wake up a lot earlier, and be clearer minded than if I just went to be at the usual time, and woke up with only a few hours of sleep.

I haven’t had a regular sleeping schedule for several years now since I made my career at home online, but for the most part waking up at midnight to about 3am is most common for me.

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