How is your life being on disability?

I’m in process of being put on disability. I’m a little upset about it because I feel like my life isn’t going anymore. I don’t have a career or any kind of job. And I don’t have much of a daily routine.
So please advice me how is your daily routine being on disability?


I can’t work either paid
I can manage two mornings a week volunteer
I also go Pilates classes and I walk most mornings


I work and get stressed. I get stressed and I get paranoid. Vicious cycle.

I’m on disability and love my life. I can goof off and get by most days. I volunteer a couple of days a week at my cricket club. It gives me something to do and gets me out of the house. It’s a good life I lead but it’s all lo stressed.

I’m different from most folk. I can handle that and I help dad out by living at his place and help pay the bills. My parents really looked after me so it’s just kosher paying that back. You can still live a realized life on disability and getting rid of the stress of work can be beneficial!


You have to find a balance
Low stress is good
In free moments I do reading and tv


@rogueone I never thought about it that way. I live with my mom and I have stress that I can’t help with the bills at home. But when I do work the stress is worse which leads to more episodes. I do volunteer at a school mentoring kids during the school year but I will be honest that sometimes can be a little stressful.

I just don’t want to end up not doing anything with my life.


I’m trying to get disability but will likely end up relying on family if cant


I’m also disabled. But I’m not on a paid disability, because my husband collects pension from the military. So, I’m just disabled on my record. But! If my husband ever died, I’d be able to get the money for disability. It’s not much, but it’s enough to get by if needed.


I’m too comfortable, as of late. Beforehand, dealing with symptoms (and my arthritis) was like a full-time job of being miserable. Now, I feel freer, and am yearning for work to fill my self-esteem bowl up.


I’m on disability, and it’s an okay life. I find that having hobbies like book and movie collecting help fill up a lot of my time.


Been on Disablity Benefits for over 25 years. But i lead a comfortable life. i cannot work as i simply couldnt handle the responsibilty of being on time for work everyday - i would have too many sick days, and they would sack me in the end. Took years of fighting with the UK DWP in the beginning - but im left alone now.

Its a fulltime job managing my illness - and trying to life a normal life - so no i dont feel guilty. Ive missed out on alot tho - havent been on holiday for over 20 years, and never set foot abroad, unlike my twin who jets off twice a year.

If i wanna be sociable - i can always see my lovely nieghbour Debs upstairs for a cuppa tea and a chat. Most of the time i stay in the safety of my block.

Im officially retired at 44.


it gets a little boring. but I’ve been coming up with plans to fill my time up so I don’t have as much free time. right now I have about 3 hours a day with no scheduled events. im thinking of doing some woodworking in my barn.

money can get tight sometimes, but that will improve when I either get a housing voucher or some additional ssi.


I have a routine of exercise, AA meetings, therapy, spending time walking around browsing to see if any jobs are out there where I won’t spaz out.


i just try and do what i can when i can, its the best way to be,

when i am able i do as much as i can and rest up when i am not able, it works for me and its all about trying to get a good balance, hope this helps


The first 4 years were very.difficult for me. I was symptomatic and attempted suicide monthly. I started working on therapy related workbooks, and that helped.

I’ve found that creating a schedule is helpful. Try to do something you enjoy, for no other reason but enjoyment.

I’m sorry that you are having problems. It WILL get better.


When I first got on disability I was only 24. So volunteer work became a good way to pass the time. At the time I lived with my parents in a nice part of town, rode my bike, swam in the pool, occasionally visited Atlanta where my twin brother and his wife were doing well at the time. (he had his favorite Dove bar he bought while watching Hawks games in the arena.) and helped take care of my grandmother and niece of my younger brother. But I was frustrated with having no car, girlfriend, apartment, or anything of my own.
Then my Mom and step-father divorced, my twin had 3 kids and fell into debt, and I became a Ticket to Work worker out of necessity. A few women noticed me but there was nothing i could do about it. When I got a full time volunteer job that was mainly sit-down I took more meds and really began to gain weight. Then I went to school, and my father died. After that I finally got my own apartment simply because the people of my support system recognized my Mom was getting old and didn’t want me to be moving while I was grieving with only my brothers able to help me. At first I was happy at the apartment. Then I got bored. Then I took a new drug and relapsed. After I came back from my 4th trip to the Psych Ward I became part of the welfare system. I then became fat and progressively more sedentary and then weak. My family became alarmed and moved me to this group home. From the time I left work almost 9 years ago I met one woman who asked me if I had a job (end of discussion). Now that discussion has ended in my head but the voices still annoy me. I am trying to lose weight and I attend classes that discuss how to deal with the illness. I can quit attending them if I sign a paper saying I’m interested in working again. At the current time I’m not because a job would pay Heck with my SSI and I feel too physically fragile to work and fear I only could if I took hydrocodone as my feet, legs, and back are injury prone.


I wouldn’t want to say I’m a vegetable, but I do very little

and I miss my auto pilot days of working a full time and a part time.

I still clean the house, and take care of Deoge, but life isn’t the best.


I can’t work due to a panic disorder plus stress levels in public for me can only handle an hour or so…I’ve been on disability for 21 years and at first it was easy because I was living on my mother’s farm and didn’t have to worry about bills or food. I would treat the family to steaks and trimmings about once a week so that was my way of paying her back. eventually my bad brother ran me off ■■■■■■■ with me all the time…sad…I wish I still lived there. These days I am very poor and have trouble getting through the month without any money for anything, not fifty cents for about two weeks out of the month…we have food but running out of groceries when the power went out was bad this month…I guess I’m rambling…thank God for my mother.


It’s kinda crap cos I’m living with my parents still and I’m 30, n also I have lots of shitty crappy memories here from psychosis I will be moving out when I find something appropriate


Things are tight money wise. I took my Social Security out way early due to disability and it’s pretty low. I dream of getting healthy enough to go back to work so I can pay more into it so that I can retire with a higher amount. But I don’t want to just go back into some low stress, low pay any old job. I want to have some real recovery to the point where I can take on a career and earn some big bucks so it will actually make a difference. But as it stands right now I simply just can’t handle any stress so I stay on disability and make ends meet the best I can.


I am on the disability pension.

I have daily activities.i do volunteer work making environmentally friendly bags that circulate society so we use less plastic bags.
I suck at sewing but I am learning and improving.

I go to the gym two times a week usually and visit my sacred neigh.
I was doing a cardmaking course but it’s too expensive and the teacher had to be with me the whole time because I never learnt how to make them by myself.
So I’m not doing courses there anymore as of next week I will try to attend a craft group if I can and hopefully learn how to knit.

I also walk my brothers dogs three times a week.

I browse the forum, read, make food, do grocery shopping one a fortnight,etc