What do you do with your life?

What are your guys’ jobs?
If on disability, how do you spend your time?

I’ve been on disability for 2 years now, and somedays, its torture. 24 hours to kill is a long time. Nothing worse than living without a purpose…

I work part time at burger king but it sucks when I get 3 straight days off. I can relate 24 hours of hell when I’m not working.

I’m on disability as well

I do voluntary work down at a charity shop. Its nice easy work and you get to meet nice people. I used to volunteer at a homeless shelter. That was good too.

Id advise you to take up some voluntary work…you can either call into a charity shop (trust me its good work) or you can google a volunteer website in your country.


I work half time in a shop as an assistant. It’s easy. I’m seeking for a full time job.

I understand what you are describing. It is just difficult to pass the days. Things become better when I take up a job again. It would be better if you could start early.

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I’m beginning to think that sitting still is the worst thing for me. If I sit still, I’m off in my head and it’s time to cue the circus music.

I have a job as a gardener. It’s flex time so it helps. But even when I was at a group home, I had to keep busy or it would be off to the circus for me, that was never a good thing.

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yeah. need some kind of part time job, preferably where i can interact with people… maybe retail, but no experience in that. just got back from the docs…
to abilify or not to abilify, that is the question… :confused:

I spend much of my time contemplating things like greed, famine, what causes murder and suicide, how to be an effective and positive parent, over-population and it’s effects during certain time periods and situations, if we will ever taste of consciousness again and if we do will it be better, why not to place sex on the highest pedestal in one’s life.

Im a very busy person actually.

Alot of the time i try and spend quality time with my niece, i just try and show her a good time, it’s hard though to play at this point, to pretend with her, but i try to be a good uncle to her.

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I also spend alot of time yearning for some reason, i yearn much of the time.

yes, i like to contemplate many aspects of life as well… read about philosophy, and i love to read quotes on all types of subjects…
ahh life, i don’t think its as beautiful as people think, but that’s just my opinion.

Some days are just soooooooo long. Time stands still. Then things get silly.
Nothing usually gets done anymore, but I like to think they do.

Not a lot actually. I get up at 6am, get my son ready for school, take him there, take my daughter to her vocational work pick them up and that’s about it. Some days I have a cleaning blitz, most days I don’t. Some days I take the doogies to the woods. Mostly though I just sit in my room doing nothing, being nothing. I hate it.

I’m on disability too. As far as ‘What did you do with your life?’ goes, due to my being different than most folk, others seemed to see it fit that they had the right to control my life. They did so by constantly pointing out in one way or another that I am not doing the right stuff. All this was based simply upon the idea that if you don’t do what everybody else does then there is something wrong with you.

I was puzzled about their behavior and small mindedness.

Of the infinite things one could do with ones life, they were all confined to a small range of behavioral characteristics. Behavior was slightly different from country to country, but folk were convinced that local behavior was obviously the one and only right behavior. But this “one and only right behavior” that was present within each country, was different.

This revealed a flaw in their logic. Meanwhile I had difficulty fitting in with this local robotic behavior. I stubbornly refuse to behave like a programmable robot.

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Wow, you are speaking the truth my friend. I totally agree with you. I don’t understand sometimes how society functions the way it does… With most people being almost like slaves on the bottom of the totem pole. I mean, as a disabled, we are too, but at least we don’t have to work jobs we hate, to buy ■■■■ we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like. :slight_smile: fight club

that movie is the truthh

I’m on disability too, and i do nothing with my time except take care of my animals, go for walks, and watch tv. Really boring stuff.

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I am on disability but I spend a lot of time driving my family members to work and doctor appointments (we put 28k miles on our car last year). I am also the computer tech support guy for my family and friends. We don’t have much money but at least it beats sitting all day in a cubicle. My family is pretty understanding if I am having a bad day whereas an employer would be breathing down my neck.

Damn. that’s like 45k km. That’s certainly a lot… How much does your car consume per gallon, or 100km? my family in a good year maybe puts 10k miles… that’s crazy man. driving is pretty fun tho, just don’t get into an accident. i have my licence too but barely drive. used to before, when i would referee soccer, maybe i can do that this year. i’d get a car, but its so much to afford insurance on $1200/mo. When insurance for someone my age would be a shitton.

Im actually a full time student. I have alot of free time because Im smart and my school is not that hard, in fact it accepts simply dumb people (true fact) so I am also an amateur powerlifter, I will be joining a competitive team this summer, i cant now because I am taking a night class when my gym’s team trains. But the staff at the gym (elite ranked lifters themselves) are guiding me and teaching a whole lot. Im making great progress at a fast rate.

I used to cut half of my classes and get drunk every night. I crammed for exams and pulled a 3.5 (im smart) then got drunk as hell again. Not a good lifestyle. Such alcoholism. Much insane. Very symptomatic. Wow.

i could be a student too… i just don’t know what i would study. nothing really interests me.
i’ve done business/financial math… dropped
undeclared/kinesiology… lost my mind/ psychotic break/ dropped.
computers - very quick drop.
philosophy - did the course, ended up dropping because of the money, didn’t feel like taking a loan to get a BA.

lol. i don’t mind philosophy, history, geography, psychology… but what could i do with a BA? i’d try to go all the way and get a masters/phd, but i just don’t think i have the drive for it… sadly i’m destined for poverty… it is what it is. maybe when my parents die, i’ll inherit what they own. i am the only child.

started the 5mg abilify yesterday. hopefully that will clear my mind a bit. @mortimermouse even on the 2nd day, not going to lie, i do feel a small difference. maybe you are right mortimer.

Im am SO glad to hear that youre trying abilify. It might be a lifesaver. Just try different doses and see what works and report side effects to your doctor, they usually have quick fixes for the common side effects or recommendations for what you can do about them. I had to try for months to find the right dose of Geodon. Too much and I sleep 12 hours, am constipated and useless. Too little and Im living in hell. 60mg morning and night, voila, treated successfully and highly functioning. I do take two meds for my side effects though (restless legs, also called akathisia)