How is ur sleeping pattern

I feel hard to sleep…how many hhours do u sleep…do u take nap in the daytime…

I go bed 7 pm
I set alarm 5.30 am
I sleep right away and through the night

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Do u take any medcine behind clozapine…

I am on seroxat and atenolol plus clozaril

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11 hrs no naps and just olanzapine!

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What is ur dose of olnazapine…

15mg the max is 20 if I remember correctly, but some pdocs give more!

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I sleep enough but would like to sleep more because it’s boring being awake.


That’s why I get up early go to bed early

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In the beginning after the onset I was sleeping poorly but in the past 2 years my sleep time has increased dramtically. I now sleep up to 14 hours every day.

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Can’t fall asleep, stay up until exhausted. Go to bed and do something to fall asleep. If not sleep get up. Finally sleep. Wake through night 4 or 5 times. Sleep as late as life allows me, which isn’t very late.

I used to go to sleep about 3am and woke up about 2-3pm, but since I started to take sarcosin I go to bed at 11 and wake up at 6. I can’t even sleep in if I try.

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Mine is decent, I suppose. I am usually up late because here in the states, it gets very disorienting going to sleep early when it’s dark out, then waking up when it’s dark out.

So I often purposely stay up late to wake up to the sunrise at least.

I try to sleep 8 hours every night but I tend to wake up multiple times a night and sometimes for no reason I can’t fall asleep for hours. I nap every day for as long as I have time for. In fact basically every free moment during the day I’m sleeping.

I’m a sleeper, pretty much ly down and close my eyes