How hard is it to get an appointment with a psychiatrist

I have been waiting to see her

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I make a new appointment every time I see her. That way there is follow up.

I also need my appointments to get my meds, so I never miss one.

When I’m ill we just do it via Zoom.

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As a new patient, with private insurance, it took exactly one year to get to see my pdoc.

I see him every month now and he books about a month out,


It’s not easy to get an appointment.

Does your pdoc have a portal you can message them through?

Nope. My mom tried to call her but she hasn’t called back yet

What’s the emergency?

There isn’t emergency but they are worried cuz I still can’t eat normally

That is nothing new.

Exactly. I said to them that forcing doesn’t help

Took me 8 months under the british NHS. The paranoid part of me, thinks they want to see you suffer for a bit, to make sure your genuine before they give the diagnosis of schizophrenia.

I don’t want a sz diagnosis

Lol Im sure you dont. I didnt want it either.

Why you asking anyway - thought you had a current treatment plan with a doc?

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just wondering cuz the people around me say ■■■■ i disagree wih

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@Crystal-Cotton please stop. You’re just looking for attention. There’s no good reason to send people in circles all the time. You are not too young to have basic social skills. I don’t care that you’re autistic. You still know better and are just trying to get people going.

How am I looking for attention?

I’m not even going to answer that. You know. I’m not going to respond to this thread anymore because that’s exactly what you want. You want to get us to say there’s nothing wrong with you, and disagree with your caregivers and dr. I’m simply not going to do that. You do this constantly. Please stop.

I don’t know. Why even stay on meds if I’m just ”faking” or attention seeking

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