My mental health team doesn't pick up calls

And won’t give me appointments, i am starting to doubt on how competent they really are. They cancelled my appointment for january.

Even giving me an antidepressant without a mood stabaliser says it all…
He asked me if I had thoughts of suicide and I said I had thoughts about wanting to dissapear and he immediately told me it was a personality disorder … next day I was psychotic trying to run away from home…and claims he never prescribed me the sertraline when clearly he did.

wtf why won’t they answer. what am i supposed to do. I need a follow up.

I am starting to think they won’t answer cos of the number appearing on their phone…

It seems so difficult to get an appointment with a psychiatrist in the UK.
It’s so easy to make an appointment with a psychiatrist here in the States if you have the means or insurance.

I’m sorry that you are having a difficult time right now but don’t give up @Ish

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I can go private but it is costly and they don’t have the notes the NHS pdocs do… but then again i don’t want them to rely on the notes i can’t trust them to write any truth… or anything with accuracy… they contacted me about 4 years ago to say my dad was very worried about my mental state… i mean how is that even possible when hes dead???

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It has taken me 6 weeks of trying to get through all the road blocks, and now I have my pdoc calling me tomorrow at 2:30pm

Honestly, it has been hell going through all this knowing that the person dealing with the meds that keep me stable has no time to see me.

Don’t give up fighting with them. Speak to secretaries for the doctors, hassle the duty worker. Make as much noise as you can.

It seems like who shouts the loudest gets seen quicker.

I feel for you @Ish

Not saying it’s an acceptable defence, but Covid has really messed things up

My local mental health helpline told me yesterday they used to be a team of 8, and now there are 30 of them and it’s still not enough to cope with the demands

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Maybe you should go private?

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It is the secretaries that aren’t picking up my calls… either they are working from home and can’t be bothered or they have so many calls that they are stressed what to tell patients because drs are cancelling on them… its frustrating but I guess all i can do is keep calling the crisis lines are useless they just refer you back to your team who don’t bother calling.

The private pdocs don’t have the notes from the ward and they told me it was bipolar anyway… i just wanted a follow up from the nhs people… to explain to me what happened. At this point, I am just going to accept what the private drs say as they seem more competent than the nhs ones…


The nurse (or care coordinator) assigned to me was like this. She’s not atm, but I know the frustration.

You do have the option to change them if the actual NHS trust you belong to is accessible?

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No unfortunately I don’t with mental health you’re pretty much stuck with the team you have. Psychical illness is different you can go any hospital. That’s why it’s so frustrating.

Unless I move which seems like an option in the future.

sounds like a big hassle to go through to get heard there =O
I never had such big problems with healthcare here… just when i was discharged from last psych ward it took ages for them to send the paperwork for my personal pdoc but besides that i didn’t have many problems.

Sorry to hear you are having such problems, @Ish

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