How does drinking beer on aps and mood stabilizers like?

never drank on em just wondering

I haven’t done it either and not about to.
Mixing alcohol with meds is not recommended.

Perfectly fine on my part. The meds can mess with the “buzz” you get from alcohol, but since all I care about is the taste that part isn’t a problem. I know that it’s regarded as bad, but I’ve never had any real bad effects from it. My nurse/pdoc evaluates everything regarding my consumption of alcohol & they tell me that it isn’t a problem, so that’s good I guess.

It depends on the meds.
My experience is it makes you feel pretty ill, makes me panicky and my heart beat too fast,
Awful hangover,
Unpleasant buzz. Not really worth it.
Some antidepressants SHOULD NOT be mixed with alcohol, one drink can end up hitting you like eight times the amount, react bad,end up feeling like you have the world’s worst flu and throwing up for hours. Not fun

Oh you said mood stabilizers, not ad’s, my bad.
I found a drink or two was okay on mood stabilizers and AP’s, but anymore than that and super sick

A hangover triggered a brief episode before for me.

Depends on what kind of antipsychotics or mood stabilizers taken for what kind of problem, as well as how much alcohol.

You may feel awful and will probably vomit, but you’ll survive. Alcohol can potentiate side the effects of your medications. This is might effect one person more severely than another. It’s best to abstain from alcohol when taking any antipsychotics or mood stabilizers as it can affect the blood level and the elimination of the drug.

I drink 3 beers a day. All I notice is some extra energy and motivation, maybe a relaxing effect. I never drink more so I can’t talk about being drunk. Im on a full handful of pills