How do you release your anger?

How do you blow off steam…

I need some release valves, i got nowhere to scream, but i wish i had a place to take my anger and rage out.

I feel chained to a wall and the chainz wont let me go


Go for a long walk. Even though I don’t get angry, a long walk kind of puts me at peace.


Think something positive

I release my anger doing athletics, i dont know why but
after doing athletics I do not feel more anger.

On aps I don’t feel intense anger. Maybe if I stopped jerking off as much as I do I would fly off the handle. So sexual release helps. Also socializing, taking part in intellectual pursuits. Physical exercise. All ways to release pent up tension.

After being put on AP’s I am never angry. But I can be annoyed. A walk can help. And music.

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I rarely feel angry…

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I used to write short keywords about my troubles on pieces of paper and then light them on fire, watching then slowly burn away


Unfortunately, I tend to take my anger out on myself, calling myself names like “failure”.

Yes, I get annoyed very frequently. I rarely get angry though.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Some real crackers.

I like the one of burning them on a piece of paper

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