How can you make anger go away....any tips


How can you make anger go away…any tips.


Often it’s just space. Just take yourself away from what’s triggering you. Although there is mostly likely an underlying issues that need addressing. i.e, Things like grief can be a major cause.

Venting other ways helps as well. Really the list is endless find what works for you.
But some that do work is…

  1. Go for a walk. Walking involves exercising the will to remove ourselves from the physical source of our anger. It gives us time to reflect.

  2. Have a cry. The truth about anger is it’s a secondary emotion; the primary emotion can, at times, be sourced in extreme frustration. Letting the emotions boil over in tears can be the most direct way of resolving the situation’s anger. Find a safe place.

  3. Beyond instinct, patiently listen to someone. This is usually only workable in certain situations.

  4. Watch a movie. Comedies probably won’t work, so go with the flow regarding genre. A movie fitting your present temperament (action, drama, etc.) will probably work best.

  5. Do something, anything, productive; if you can switch your attentions that easily. This is short shrift victory over the anger—from stark negative to wondrously positive in one move.

  6. Honestly communicate with someone you trust; someone you have previously gained permission from to vent with—someone who is safe within themselves and feels safe for you.

  7. Exercise. Going for a run, a cycle ride, or doing a workout will burn off the excess energy that the anger is producing. Exercise also provides us mental digestion time. Just ensure you’re switched on enough to be mindful of hazards to ward against potential for injury.

  8. Find somewhere quiet and dark and curl up; sleep if you can. If the mind keeps spinning around and around meditate on something far-flung.

  9. For one moment, breathe. Breathe in… breathe out. From the diaphragm. Allow your composure to be restored in simple breathing. Turn the anger into something else.

  10. Sex and anger are usually incompatible, but it does work for some. Just ensure it is safe and enjoyable.

  11. Plan. It might sound ridiculous, but planning shifts our consciousness from the present into the future. It’s also a productive use of time.

  12. Go to a space all your own. Regain control.

  13. Choose something different. Reframing the circumstance turns us off Calamity Road, sending us left or right to a destination called Reason.

  14. Switch stimuli. Take the eyes or ears or nose and give them over to an inert use of your senses; sensual responses can be redeemed quickly. Avoid eating.

  15. Allow someone to tickle you. To do this requires the rejection of pride; the mind has this capacity. Though it won’t work for everyone, laughter tends to melt anger.

  16. Resist the urge to drive, unless a serene and safe journey can be undertaken. Likewise, don’t operate anything hazardous unless it’s known to be therapeutic.

  17. Do anything you otherwise enjoy, without expecting to enjoy it. Anger twists typical enjoyment, but at least something usually enjoyable diverts the attention.

  18. Go and do something nice for someone, despite yourself.

  19. Read an anger management book, or anything that provides perspective, like a poem or devotion or similar.

  20. Saving the most predictable for the end: scream into a pillow.


I get a cardboard box and rip it ointo tiny pieces works for mE.
also I make chapatis and you hve to need the dough a lot.
myy favourite one id throwing eggs at a garden wall but my gardens too looked in on here since I moved. actually feeling the anger and not beating yourself up for it.


How to make anger go away?

You’re consulting an expert :stuck_out_tongue:

Lift weights, punch bag, masturbate or have sex, take night time meds, a melatonin pill (chew it up so it hits faster) then go to bed, all in that order.

It kept me from committing manslaughter during my freshman year. Just sayin’.

And listen to happy music. Like stay away from nu-metal if you aren’t just enjoying your rage fit.

Talk to friends, talk to your partner or signficant other or spouse, whatever, someone you have sex with, talking to them will release stuff in your brain to calm you down because you associate them with sex, and sex releases a handful of feel-good things in the brain (dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin)

These are a few alternatives to suicide or manslaughter.


@Dreamscape…great answer. I like the last one the most…SCREAM into a pillow. Im going to my bedroom to do that just now.


Sometimes I use visualization to (wipe stress off my body). I have been to a reiki session and it worked quite well. I actually shed tears calmly through my first experience with it. I felt much different.


ALSO, I try to remember all the horrible mistakes that become a possibility with anger or not being aware of things. I want to keep my cool as much as possible because as (myself), I tend to think I can’t afford to make any more mistakes. You have to control your anger to be a jedi too btw


I clean house which I do at no other time. Whatever physical activity you’re drawn to.


I have the opposite problem.


Maybe you should install a punching bag.


you can focus your anger on something else, you can control your anger and when you feel the need you can get it out of your system, there are a lot of ways for redirecting anger, it can be used in physical exercise to get you over that hill and it is also used a lot in boxing when you are faced with an opponent,

if you can go to the gym for a work out on the bag that would be good (i tried this and i know that it works) get some really high energy music on and just let rip on the bag, you can also do it in the house if you have enough space and a bit of money, get some gloves and ear phones and just take it all out on the bag, if you want to you can name your bag ‘schizophrenia’ for instance is a good name for a punching bag and just beat the hell out of that thing lol,

oh yeah, if you can’t afford a big or some gloves etc you can always use something soft in your house but be careful because you can hurt your hands and wrists if you don’t wear gloves, it is also really good for your health and may actually help you lose some weight if you are unfit.

hope this helps