How do you guys deal with this?

I’ve been having great days but when I lay down to go to sleep I can feel something come under me and around me touching me seductively and sensually. It freaks me out and i feel molested. I live alone. And I do not know or see the source.


This might help…

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I had those. Sexual tactile hallucinations. They’re horrible. Medication took mine away. I’m on rexulti and haven’t experienced them in ages now.


I need to try some different ones. It honestly feels like people having sex all around me sometimes. Grosses me out. All i want to do is sleep so i can work in the morning

Damn people use their body like a ventriloquist throws his voice. What I mean is that the loser pervert upstairs thinks he’s the only one with a dick and gets in my personal space in my room. Maybe no one else knows what I mean.

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I had a dream that was happening to me and I dreamt i was crying walking along the grass begging for my mom. I was so afraod.

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How would you feel about a med change? That might help.

I get that too… tactile hallucinations. I even smell their presence- it’s foul. I would fight at the wind and that would show them… but what has been helping me lately is my beliefs (not supposed to discuss in forum)… My doctor knows about it… Anyway, I take things one night at a time and hope for the best. I hope you get better.

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