How do you deal with depression

Have you everbeen depressed?

How have you coped with depression?

I take my Cipralex for my depression, it helps. Exercise helps too but I dont do enough of that. Once I save up I might buy a treadmill.

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I think negative symptoms can lead to hopelessness sometimes, similar to depression.

Other times negative symptoms lead to apathy, nothing like depression.


Caffeine helps. Sugar helps. Both are bad for my health. Maybe you could try moderate exercise. That might improve your mood.

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I got closure on what was making me depressed. Then my depression just went away. But I dealt with it for over a decade.


You sound like you have been doing good for yourself.

Glad for you.


Thanks @Kxev :slightly_smiling_face:

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I recently tend to have trouble waking up in the mornings, even after 9 solid hours of sleep. Dunno if depression is to blame. I also feel kind of down for the first 2 hours or so. But later on things get better.
I go for walks every day and I take an AD.

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My depression is serious business and even though most folks with sz experience depression it’s bad for me. I use the only med that seems to work well. It took me a lot of different ones to find that one that works and I stupidly came off it years ago only to have to get back on at crazy doses.

Lesson learned. I recently came down and halved what I take but antidressants are key for my function. Really are.

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Well I take Cymbalta (antidepressant) to keep from getting depressed. I’ve tried twice to come off AD’s, and it doesn’t work.

I suffer from severe Major Depression. I take Venlafaxine and Lithium to manage it, along with some psychotherapy from a psychologist. These work well for me.

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I take antidepressant.
I’ve been taking it even before sz

They tried me on ADs but they didn’t help

Then I was told it was negs not depression, so no treatment for it :frowning:

I take Wellbutrin. Drink coffee and go for walks in nature.


Try and be grateful.

I have been depressed at times, since my teens. I have ups and downs, but no real mania. My downs are mostly influenced by (changes in) my family situation. I tried to change myself, them, my attitude, my diet. At the moment I don’t really know. I’m cutting off contact, but can’t help my kid, because I can’t change my family system by myself. Which is just an unacceptable feeling. I think anxiety and sadness are the correct feelings, and I don’t want to drug them away. But I did take a benzo yesterday. I hope there will be an up again and I will see things less somber. I’m holding on to not giving up for my kid, to faith, and to a few kind people.

I suffer with both mania and depression.
I’m on Lamictal for depression and it works to a degree.

I never had depression.

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im very depressed right now cause of family and personal issues

i cant help or fix the situations and that is hard for me to accept

when im well i can usually calm all the situations

but right now im just a dud all i want is everything to go right for once

talking on here has helped my depression

also i talk with social workers and pdoc several times a week

i also have dogs they are my children and help alot

Journalling, coffee, sleep, meds