How do you guys cope with this?

My positive symptoms have gotten a lot better from my meds but my negative symptoms are still baaaad. The cognitive deficits and problems with executive function as a result from having sza are ruining my life, on top of already having severe depression, even the most simple things feel impossible. How do i deal with this…

have some daily routine and stick with it strictly like going to bed and waking up at fixed times daily, eating food at proper times, not use bed during day time etc. make other routines like bath at least once every 2 or 3 days. workout at least once a week. these like small small routines create and stick with it strictly.



Music & Spirituality.

Or More Appropriately…,

(Now Don’t Read My Mind Guys), hehehe, Or Something. . .


And Music. (Listening, Writing, Practicing, And Recording). . .

The Holy Bible Is The Last Book I Plan On Ever Reading.

That & Maybe Some Slightly Cheap Spiritual Books. Free Form Perhaps.

Good Luck!.

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

P.s. I’m Not Sure What Your Problems Equate To In General. But!, I Have SZA, Maybe Mine Can Help.

I’m reading the Bible now. I’ve read it once before and now I’m reading it again.

Have you ever read The Purpose Driven Life? I’m reading it now and it’s good!

Striving for better function always. Sometimes it’s worked well and sometimes it’s been an abject failure but I will try my hardest. Last few years I’ve done well with exercise. It really has increased the quality of my life and it’s easy to add to anyones lifestyle.

So. Keeping on top of the meds and trying to keep as motivated as possible. Even if that means crossing tasks off a list.



No I Haven’t. But!, if I Come Across It I’ll Give It A Quick Skim. . .

Quick Story. . .,

I Was Once Walking Down The Road In The Middle Of A Summer Day,

And Some Guy In A Truck Quickly Pulled Over And Parked Right In Front Of Me.

As Julian Casablancas Would Say, ‘Out Of The Blue’.

And He Was Full Of Energy And Seemed Really Excited.

N e Hoo.

He Told Me How He Was Apart Of A New Church Being Built Somewhere Close By.

And He Handed Me A Book. With Many Inspiring Pages.

The Book Has Quick Bible Verses. And Then On The Same Short Page, Quick Introduction And Summary of The Verse. In An Almost Poetic Fashion As Well.

N e Hoo.

Ended Up Loving That Book. And Didn’t Cost Me A Dime.

And When The Left Over Pieces Of My Life Get Back in Order.

The Plan Is To Share Some Insightful Moments With My Children And Wife With Lessons From That One Book.

Oh!, And The Guy Also Gave Me A Hat.

Weird. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

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As a person with ASD & sz, both of which can impact negatively on EF, doing things which may seem as simple tasks to others may be very daunting. Multi step tasks can easily overwhelm me. I basically lived in crap in Essex because trying to organise myself to keep on top of things made me feel anxious and overwhelmed. I went into avoidant mode.

Here in Wiltshire I have help with it . A care agency used to provide someone. That resulted in a huge bill because they’d not been charging me when they should’ve done.That was stopped and someone my stepdaughter knows came in . That cost less but she got paid more than a care agency worker would have got .

That was stopped due to the Covid situation . She came back a few months later , but she did cleaning at a school where some got Covid so my stepdaughter stopped it again Now my granddaughters do it. I pay them the equivalent of nearly $17 p/h for doing so which is what I paid the person my stepdaughter knows.