How do you deal with all the criminals roaming free?

For me, I think it’s paranoia and principles. Imagine all the sociopaths and psychopaths out there. There was a guy I met today that should be locked up. Dealing with poverty and mental illness, you’ll meet a lot of people who are drug addicts and commit crimes. How do you deal with it? How do you feel safe? How do you avoid them? Move to a different city or country? Isolate yourself? I need answers.


I live in a safe city. I’m at the bottom of the barrel in this city economically and I have good sources that support me through it all. Criminal activity is quite low, and I live on the same block as a Middle School & High School.

If you’re feeling unsafe, you could move. I’m extremely reclusive despite all the activity that goes on around here (positive activity that is). I feel safe b/c I live in a good shelter, have a good safety net through the county, and can take people on in a fight if things ever hit that extreme.

paranoia is a fear of the ’ now '… present experience.
if you drive a car… :car:
how likely are you to be in a accident ?
if you swim in the sea…
how likely are you to be bitten by a shark ? :fish:
it is irrational fear…based primarily on the continous news reporting of negativity within the media today.
you are safe…
know some one cares :heart:
take care :alien:


My question is how do people get so screwed up they decide to shoot a place up. Like the guy a few days ago at an Orgeon college. More gun control I guess. Say what you want about Obama, but his speech about the situation seemed extremely fed up with it all, because it effects everyone, us included. Just why could you have it in yourself to murder or be violent against another living thing. It doesn’t make sense in my mind…I’m a messenger of peace and love to all because the universe was made from love in my opinion. But to answer your question, I just wouldn’t associate with those types, just avoid it. I can understand the violent mind. I have some saddistic thoughts and listen to some screwed up music, but I could never understand actual violence. I absolutely am fed up with the human race, but I still love humans.


I would definitely distance myself from them. It’s like how would you like to live next to a dump? We tend to discard others just like the trash we don’t want around either. So we as a society are actually creating the problem for ourselves. But I think that is because we are still primitive in ways other then technologically, for instance, which seems to give us a false sense of advancement in those less evolved areas then we realize.

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All of the criminals roaming free?

Is that a joke?

Isn’t that like the entire planet just about?

Me thinks alot of peeps that aren’t considered criminals actually is.

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Conceal carry :wink:

When it’s time to go, it will be time.

If it’s my money they want and not my life, then so be it. Karma will come around and bite them in the ass.

When I was 18 years old I got robbed $300 buying weed.

Last year I found out the scumbag who robbed me was serving 7 years in prison.

What goes around comes around.

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This is my problem, I don’t trust anyone.

Who are the “good” guys?

Everyone around me seems to have bad intentions, I do realize that I am more paranoid than the average guy, but still.

There seems to be a lot of sociopaths/psychopaths out there.

It really feels like most people are waiting to screw with me somehow - a lot of it is not in my head, I have been burned by many others in my past.

The stats are correct, the Mentally ill are likely to become victims of a crime.

Be very careful out there - get to know your surroundings.

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The area I live in well, for 6 more hours, has twice the average crime rate of the US.
I can feel the tension. Police are out of control, people are unemployed, black markets are cruising.
Not a good scene for a hyper vigilant paranoid.
I’ve survived some crazy ■■■■.
Time to relax.

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Was the 300 getting stolen from you though what comes around or what goes around?

I don’t understand karma. Was you getting stolen from your karma?

I’ve lived and worked in both the “ghetto” and the “nice” part of my city, and all I can say is at least in the ghetto,
the people didn’t surprise me.

The “bad” people have never hurt me like those “good” ones have,
so I wouldn’t let a title fool you.

Bad people aren’t always bad,
and the “good” ones aren’t always good, but they are usually much better at hiding it.

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What criminals?

Karma means we are the inheritors and the owners of our thoughts, words, and actions.

I live in a safe town - I am not so concerned with crime, but I am concerned with normal folks taking advantage of the mentally ill - some of them will try to take advantage of the disabled, especially if they sense a mental illness is involved.

We are more vulnerable compared to most others, some will prey on us because of our shortcomings.

Lots of cold hearted ruthless people out there - they do a good job at conning the mentally ill population.

My family doctor knows I suffer from a severe mental illness, so now he wants to see me every 2 months (Aint going to Happen) - In his mind, I am mentally defective so he takes advantage and wants to make some money off of me - He would not be doing this is if I did not suffer from a severe mental illness.

People do take advantage so Keep your guard up!

Yes, because outlawing stuff has worked so well for meth and cocaine.


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and if cocaine was legal…what a problem we would have…

obviously it amazes me that ameraicans can push for gun ownership when they see the devastation it causes people.

The people who don’t need to have guns will always find a way to get them. The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Yup. Also, people like to compare Canada and the U.S. in terms of gun violence and claim our tougher gun laws as justification for lower gun crime here. Um, no. If you break gun violence down by demographic group it’s notable that our groups have the same violence rates as comparable U.S. groups. The reason for the difference in overall crime is that the U.S. has massively more of certain demographic groups than Canada does.

I don’t know why this is the case, but it’s a very un PC topic that no one wants to talk about and I won’t say any more on it.


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