I think I belong in jail…

What should I do to stop these thoughts?

Have you tried anger managment?

Yes I’ve tried but it doesn’t help

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Forget and forgive, Is what I would do… for any thing happening injustice around me.
I just go my way and do my thing.
By the way is it ok if I ask why do you think so?

I committed a crime

I have homicidal thoughts, I just don’t allow myself to have anything that could be a weapon. And I am honest with family and care workers when these thoughts spike.


What helps you?

Just reaching out to my care team or crisis if I feel like I’m in danger of being a danger. I used to go to the hospital a lot for it.


I don’t believe in jailing people… I believe all crimes are done due to mental illness. jails are nothing more than holding areas. The jail system needs to be overhauled, and prisoners should be sent to a mental health expert, because I truly believe all crimes are done due mentally illness; impulsivity, mania, narcissism, etc. etc.

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Idk if I have a mental illness but I have an urge to commit crimes

Take a tip from a fool. I have also done some bad things in my life. Now that I’m older I regret it very much. I try to walk the straight and narrow nowadays and I find comfort in doing so.

You might feel good to do crime atm but trust me it comes back to bite you later. Conscience can be very cruel. Be good and you will reap the rewards.


idk i feel like i cant be good anymore

Why do you want to commit crimes? Is it some form of attention seeking? Or maybe a cry for help?

Ask yourself why you do this and then talk to someone about it. Your doctor or a councelor maybe. Life is hard to deal with sometimes. But nobody wants to be stuck in negativity. Got to try and find ways to give life meaning and find positivity. Nobody says it’s easy. But it can be done.


Tell your dr about the crimes you want to comit and have comited.

i have always thought i belonged in jail or hospital because of my violent thoughts
i have finally talked about it with my treatment team and they have realized i need reinsurance that im a good person its just thoughts

try and help people, you dont need to do anything bad, do good things and you will feel better :slight_smile: and you will be appreciated,

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I have done some stupid things in my past…
I’ve been to jail
I’ve been stripped naked and thrown in my own private cell alone for days at a time with nothing but a ‘burrito’
Ive been beat up
I’ve seen people smear sh!t all over themselves and their cells
I fought
Mugshot was on the news

In my opinion, walking the straight and narrow is far easier than to chance yer crime.

And jail, or prison wreaks havoc on mental illness

Not a good solution, I’ve heard it time and again, enter jail a little crazy, leave extremely crazy

You don’t belong in jail. We’re all sinners. It’s in our nature. There is nothing wrong with being true to our nature. Just don’t hurt anybody. That’s it.

Including planned murders who’s only reason is money?? I don’t think all of them are from mental illness, a lot of them yes but not all

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