How do u spent ur days friends..! I am just curious..!

I am on the internet 24×7…
I try to take nap …!!
Watch television for few minutes.
Thats all i can do…???


Lately I’ve been spending most of my time just sitting at my computer, on the internet, while listening to music. When I was working, that would take up most of my day, need to get back to work. I don’t have a tv anymore, and I lack the focus to read books, so my computer is pretty much my only source of entertainment.

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I am on my mobile all the time …!!! Cant work…!!! I will be jobless entire life…haha what a simple life…

if I dont work I am on the couch watching tv…

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What work do u do @Om_Sadasiva…u go fishing…!!!

yes. I help my father in fishing… it’s good for the mind even though I pity the poor fish

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but that’s my dharma. follow your dharma is the teaching of gita. I just do what my parents do without passion or attachment. I don’t eat fish, I am vegan


Do you have unlimited Internet since you are on it 24x7?

  • I go out shopping for food every 4-5 days.
  • Get my injection every 4 weeks
  • Jog everyday
  • Workout 5 out of 7 days a week
  • Watch NHL Hockey or NBA Basketball during the evenings
  • Watch the news and the pretty news anchor women in the afternoon
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Not quite. I do sleep but a lot.

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I am on the internet most of the time,
I can do nothing else.
If healthy I wouldn’t be on the internet at all but I would study religious texts and try to observe Jewish religious law.


Is it a mixture of Christianity. .!!! Which god do u worrship…erez…?? I honestly dont know…

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I am Jewish, @far_cry0 Jewish…


I go to school 5 days a week to learn bakery and pastry for two weeks now.
I am at the fifth year of recovery after a relapse in 2012. I am at the third year of remission. My diagnosis is disorganized schizophrenia.
I am positive enough and I try to be sociable.
I like to spent my time with friends,reading books,listening to music and watching movies.

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On my weeks with the kids i spend all my time with them. On weeks without them I am on internet a lot or listening to audio books. I try not to leave the house if possible.

At the moment I can say that I’m pretty severely mentally ill, which sucks since its basically impossible to keep up on special interests or even self soothing behaviours. I haven’t worked in over 3 year. A basic week for me is

Wake up between 12PM-4PM Stay in bed for hours daydreaming/overthinking Maybe eat 1 meal a day Hang out with my boyfriend for a few hours in the evening when he gets home from work if I’m having a good day maybe i’ll throw on some sailor moon or something (super soothing to me)

I go to bed around 12AM and lie there until generally 4AM, Lately I’ve just been skipping days of sleep, so my sleep fluctuates between too little (up to 3 days no sleep) or too much (20+ hours) and about 5-10 small meals for the week/end

NOTE: I don’t have an eating disorder, just never have an appetite. I also have plenty of pills prescribed to me for sleep, anxiety, ect but none work.

Sailor moon is the best!

I go to school then come home and lay in bed, surrounded by chores and self care I should be doing.
I go on tumblr and other Internet sites to distract myself, I feel as if it’s one of my only soothing methods left.
I see my boyfriend, and occasionally my friend will make me see her by coming into my house unannounced which I don’t mind durin the fact, but after its exhausting. I go to therapy and go home as well. I basically live in a cave but at least I’m starting to brush my teeth again and actually eat!


I sleep, I study, I work. That’s pretty much it. Sometimes I try to watch some shows like you said, or surf the web. My life is sort of boring and empty right now.

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