What does your daily schedule look like?

Just curious to see how others live their lives. I’m generally busy from 10 am to 6pm with classes almost every day. In what extra time I have I’m working in a research lab or studying/doing hw. How about you guys? Feel free to go as much or little in depth as ya want :slight_smile:


Spend too much time on the internet. Stick my nose in a book. Hit the gym. Spend time with my family.


get up in the morning ;
clean my lightsabers
invade a few planets
teach my new apprentice "darth bunny ’ :rabbit: the dark ways of the force
meditate on the darkness
sit on my throne of skulls…and watch ’ star wars ’ re-runs.
pretty normal stuff…
take care :alien:


Livin’ the dream I see


get up, make coffee, let the dogs outside, eat lunch, play music, play music, play music, wait for girlfriend to get home, play with girlfriend, play with dogs, rinse , repeat.


My kid sis is 18 we share an apartment. She’s up around 4:30 a.m. so she can open the pool and lifeguard the Early Morning Lap swim at 5:30 a.m. Her clattering around usually wakes me up.

She makes me breakfast. :blush: :egg:

I spend about 2 to 2 and half hours on the computer. Submitting homework, checking e-mails, reading the news, eating breakfast, taking my meds, drinking my coffee and getting ready to start work.

It’s winter so my hours are a bit reduced. I’m still in the field, but also working a bit in the greenhouses and doing some park maintenance. My job helps me stay grounded…

After work… school. This time it’s an on campus class. After school and work, a bit of time for homework, a meditative bath, dinner, meds and to bed… ready to do it all again. I also get to have dinner with my girlfriend when I’m not too tired and she’s off work early and can come over.

Saturday and Sunday are completely different. Saturday… I go to the pool where my sis works… lap swim and take her water ex class that she teaches… goof around until I’m ready to go home.

Sunday is adventure Sunday and my sis, my gf, my youngest brother and I hang out and do weird and quirky things around our home city… an art museum, a new tea shop, the history of roller skates exhibit was one of my favorite… so was the art bakery… I ate a chocolate Monet… (it used to be just my sis and I. But more people wanted to come along)

this week my sis wants to go see the unveiling of the Christmas windows. Just odd stuff like that. It’s a very simple life, but I’m pretty happy with it now.


Spend most of my time looking for a pair of matching socks. Today had to settle for one white sock on the right foot, and one black sock on the left foot. Oh despair.


I think it would be a lot of fun to be able to live with my siblings, but they’re all too young now. My goal for the future is we have families of our own and all live in the same neighborhood, so we could visit and all our kids could play together, haha.

Sometimes (a lot of times) I crave a simpler life. I wish I could just retreat into a little shell…for now I’m sticking on the path I’m on. Your schedule seems nice to me!

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HA true story. I gave up on matching socks, long, long ago. I bought a million pairs of random neon patterned ones and I mix up all of them. Ain’t nobody got time to sort that junk out out. Nobody sees your socks in the winter anyways, hehe.

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I sleep too much, or just sleep at the wrong times. Sometimes it’s too avoid the noise in my head, or I’m just too comfy and don’t want to get out from under my blankets. When I do finally get up I watch some internet TV (like Netflix TV, or Amazon Prime TV), and will play around online. When parents come home we watch the news then mom or dad will make dinner while I usually go back on my computer,

After dinner we sit and watch TV together as a family, and I usually either snuggle with the kitty on my lap (who loves to watch TV as well), or she and I are playing with her toys while my parents and I watch TV. Then I do dishes/clean up the kitchen after dinner, and head back onto the computer until I’m ready to go to sleep. Sometimes instead of playing on the computer or watching TV on my own I’ll sit and read just depends on what my concentration for the day is like and how much noise I have in my head. Usually this time of night I reserve for writing practice because my mind is more alert and active. Though I haven’t really done and solidly good writing in a while just character building.

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Monday-Friday I get up at 6am to take my daughter to school. I come back in and get ready for work take a nap, clean or cook. I go to work for 8 hours, come home, watch tv with my daughter (the voice on Monday and Tuesdays), take my meds, go online, then bed. The weekends I sleep in until 12 fix breakfast, do laundry then do stuff around the city with my sister and daughter. Pretty normal stuff.

My mom likes the voice as well. The singers always choose Adam Levine to train them though! (Not that I blame them with his looks though, hehe)

Yeah they always choose Adam because he fights the hardest he’s good. Pharell was pretty good this season too, he got a couple 4 chair turns from Adam. Good show

I work from 10am-9.30pm,although long hrs but I don’t do much,what I am proud of most is the 1 and half hr workout daily at night,it’s the thing that keeps me going but I needed more motivation to continue though and do more


currently it is winter and my work is seasonal for the most part so i might work 1 day a week or maybe one ever couple weeks, basically i have the next 3 months off .

I do my best to try not sleeping 12+hrs a day during these months as it is just a waste of time.

my goal:

wake up around 930 -10am (10-1030 is more realistic) I stay up past midnight everyday
have coffee
play some video games
go for a walk
do a little reading
go on the computer
eat healthy

I’ve been waking up at like 2 PM everyday, going to sleep around 2 AM. I make coffee, try to play F1 2014, but I usually can’t do more than a few laps. I just sit on the computer, watch NBA basketball, read about NBA, watch highlights. I follow the NBA. If there’s a good match up, I’ll watch it. I read this forum, a few other forums.

My life is pretty empty. That’s for sure. Weekend or not, I joke and say “everyday is a weekend for me.”
My mom says I’m living the life, she asks, “How can you be depressed?” she doesn’t understand.

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i have counselling class on thursday
volunteer on friday mornng
visit my sis on wednesday night
visit mum on sunday
church on sunday
i try and get out during the day for about an hour
then at night sometimes
trying to do some shopping myself and cooking
play music

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Two bed time routines for meds 8-9 and then 9-10. Wake up at 7-8. Take meds, Caretaker everyday, work once a week with a group of Mentally ill for a health class, study, and have to run errands for my grandfather which helps me learn coping mechanisms and deal w/episodes in society, get on the forum if I’m not having a really down experience at the time, make my dr. appointments. I used to go play pick up basketball, gym, warhammer, and do some things w/friends but I’ve been isolating since July. I want to go to church on Sunday and was volunteering w/the food bank, but I had an episode with the Pastor plotting against me w/the board members soo I watch the 49ers get beat on Sunday now. It’s only up from here though. A daily schedule doesn’t really exist for me though except the sunrise, sunset, and the moon.

internet/drink/sleep/eat/internet/drink./eat/sleep/watch tv/drink/eat/sleep (or variations of) punctuated by bodily functions.

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Everyone needs purpose. Activity is really important, I find. Are you well enough for any activities? Maybe joining a local community basketball team or something? Volunteer somewhere? I’m going to be volunteering with cats that need a home over my winter break to stay busy, for example.