What do you do all day?

what do you guys spend your days doing?

Surfing the net(mainly going on forums), watching tv, eating and sleeping.

I go to work for about 4-5 hours a day, come home, read for hours, NO TV in the house. I don’t own one. I hang out with my kid sis when she is home. I love to swim so I try and swim at least every other day. I’m on this site now. I’m getting ready to start school in January. I try and take a walk everyday. I get reduced rent if I help clean up the common yard of the building so I do that. I people watch and I draw a lot.

It would be good to be able to draw but i have the ability of a 6-7 year old or younger. What do you draw?

I go on the internet a lot, I sew if I have a commission or if I want to make something for myself, spend time with my friends if I’m okay enough to handle it, sometimes I’ll go for a walk, but I haven’t done that as much lately because it’s bitterly cold and I don’t handle high or low temperatures very well.

i surf the net ttoo mostly forums. play video games sometimes. smoke. i stay home most the time. inside. but wish i had some other things to do. i live out in the rural so not much here.

thats cool you get reduced rent J.

i cant handle low temps either rowan but i can do high temps.

iim trying to cut back on my eating. hah.

sometimes i go into the next town over.

I try not to eat when I’m bored, because I gain weight on Risperdal. I’ve been focusing on eating more veggies and avoiding sugary stuff, though sometimes I’ll splurge and get some candy or something, though that’s fairly rare now. Basically I’m just trying to be conscious of what I put in my body, so I can at least maintain my current weight, if not lose a bit.

I work 50% and try to go for walks. I also draw. Atm I’m drawing portraits of my sister’s kids. She will get it for x-mas.
I have two kids taking up much of my time in the evenings. But daytime when I’m not at work I surf a lot on forums and facebook, when 'm not drawing. :slight_smile:

After eating breakfast i grab my lop top and go to a coffee shop drink my coffee and surf the web, i try to read verity articles but my memmory is weak it doest stay in my memories long enough. After that i come home eat watch tv, surf the internet until time comes to sleep.

are we all happy with our lives? or content?

my days are filled with trying to figure ways to move forward and find resources to help me get through my daily existence. i do yard work (part of living here) and send emails to my son as well as help take care of animals that live here (dog and cats). I am trying to go back to school in the spring but it might be pushing things. i will see. i like having a routine to follow through with or i end up pacing around unsure what to do. i like some of the things in my life but i do wish i was different and i would love to not have this illness.

Look after kids.
Stay out of trouble.
Work (p/t)

Pretty mundane and peaceful when the kids arent about, hectic and noisy otherwise.

I sleep a lot because of meds and I guess its a negative symptom. I wake up around 3pm and eat and play videogames or surf the web. I try to read sometimes and listen to music or watch tv. It’s a very boring life but I’m on disability so I don’t ever get out much.

i work , drink coffee , work , drink coffee . (note to self , cut back on coffee ! )
take care

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Sleep the light takes away everything when it gets unbearable then i can sleep slept for 3 days apart from waking a hour in the eve hear and ther ushally i like watching tv if i can and going on the internet.but the light can also stop me from sleeping today i woke up and needed to stay a sleep but did not want to let janie down so i went to the shops now i am being harrassed by noice and the white light

I’m off work sick at the moment while the increasing dose of Seroquel XL kicks in. It’s very boring and isolating. All my friends work during the day, I only receive basic sick pay from the government, so money is very limited.
I’m trying to keep myself busy and go outside every day, even if it’s only to the shops. I surf the internet a lot and watch TV.

I draw gardens and plants and landscapes. I’m really getting into the botanical illustrations.


every day is different for me but things i do during the week include-

  • college under 16hrs
  • volunteering (befriender, soup kitchen)
  • i go to a service every sunday sometimes in the evening too.
  • visit my family (mums on sunday and sis usually on a wednesday)
  • go shopping and to the coffee shop or eat out
  • drive
  • listen to music

today i had to rush into college as i didn’t know i was meant to be in but it was lucky i got there just in time, i only had to get an extra 2 points and it only took ten minutes to finish and thats me passed higher psychology and everything this trimester :slight_smile: so i am happy about that and looking forward to my next one.




Watch TV while I go on forums. I also like to go the the convenience store everyday, buy a soda, and sit in my car and talk to myself while I drink it. Then maybe drive to another store and do the same think. Strange habit, I know, but I like it.