How do you spend your day

I don’t do much of anything. Mostly internet, coffee, readinng…

I go to day treatment from 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. The rest of the time I spend on the internet.

After a bit too much self medicating I painted myself into a corner so to get out of the corner and change things up I got a job.

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Pretty much get stuck on this site when things are moving along.

Ran out of likes 2 times so far this week.

I smoke tobacco and drink a few times a week. Coffee as well.

Aside from public places I’m either at home or at my brothers place.

For the most part doing a lot of nothing.

@petester good job getting a job man. welcome back

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Thanks dude, I like being back.

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Killing my brain cells.
oh,wait,is there any left?

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I spend time on the internet, vape my ecigarette, and I program in python and C++. I have also been getting into electronics

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Meditation in the morning; breakfast; tasks and chores (washing dishes etc.); (read a little something); business with the world (paperwork, phone calls etc.); computer; errands (getting food etc.); Maybe a little gardening (weather permitting); computer again; Buddhist Sangha on Mon Tue Fri). Try to find something to do in the afternoon and the evening.


Atm internet and games. Started going to the gym but got a new tat on Tuesday so waiting til tomorrow to go again- can’t face the idea of stinging sweat.

I usually work but am on annual leave, start work again Saturday night. It’s nice being off, I have time to cook properly again. I tend to cook every meal to avoid washing up :innocent:

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Where do you go to school?

“Digging away the moments that make up a dull day”. Today I slept in, then went for a walk, then I came home and fixed myself a nice breakfast. Later I will take a final for my class.

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I try to do at least one positive thing each day. One day I’ll visit my friend with cancer. Some days I go to the movies and sometimes I take my autistic cousin with. Other days I’ll visit my sister or I’ll go fishing. On other days I take my aunt for shopping or to the doctor… I do one of these tasks per day…normally in the mornings so that I can take a nap in the afternoon. On weekends I like to take a drive in the countryside.

Hmmm. Good planning. One thing a day. That’s good.
I’m in a rut, I’ve kinda gotten complacent and sometimes I don’t go out.

9.5 hours at work then basically anything I do gives me joy. Social interaction with the family reading, watching TV, shopping. Anything that keeps me away from thinking “I am not alright”


I struggle to get out of bed in the mornings but I force myself to hit the shower even if it is at 10 o’clock. Then I go out and do something. I cannot be too busy for too long before I fade thats why I take afternoon naps to recover from the “excitement” of the outing.


Lately I have been feeling very anxious and depressed - not doing much of anything - well because of my agitation I exercise, take more walks - my appetite has diminished I guess because of the anxiety and depression - I did lose some weight.

Man I am so depressed , thinking of cancelling my blood test and family doctors appointment for April - I just cannot afford to be stressed out - dont feel like doing things lately

Sleep, coffee, web, journal, coffee, shower, breakfast, pills, tv, walk, tv, crafts and tv, lunch, web ,therapy, journal, nap, tv, web, dinner, phone, journal, craft and tv, sleep

A typical day is to attend mass in the am. Then, come home and pray for 4 hours or so. (I’m not kidding). Feed myself and feed the cats. Change their litter and their water. Then see my nurse. (She comes to my home every week). Make myself lunch and feed the cats again. Go to my volunteer job at the local nursing home for 1.5 hours. Come home and make dinner and feed the cats again. Sit at my kitchen table and think about doing either: yoga, or practicing piano, or playing on my smartphone. And usually opting for the latter. And if I do that, I’ll do it til the battery runs down. At which point, I’ll switch to my desktop. And I’ll stay on that til it’s time to go to bed.

First half at the hospital. Can’t get any better