How do I know this trans thing isn't a delusional obsession?

I’m trans. I’m 99% sure now.
But I’m prone to obsessions. I’m prone to mild delusions.

How do I know for certain I just don’t think I’m trans because I’m knee deep in a delusional obsession without knowing it?

I want so bad to come out to my family, but I fear they will blow it off as another one of my “psychosis ideas” if I don’t have any counterarguments prepared.


Ask your family if they had wanted the opposite sex of what you are. Because they may have influenced your mind.

They’ve never forced me into any gender roles, and they have both boys and girls

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Do you have periods of recovery where the medications work and you still have the thoughts you do,?

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I’ve never been as well mentally as I’ve been for the past 8 months, but it’s also in that timeframe I’ve become more and more sure.

Truth be told it’s been coming for a long time, I’ve jusr been in denial. There’s been lots of signs and things that are making sense after I realised


Im not really sure how to know for sure but all I can suggest is to spend time talking about it with family or friends as openly as possible… but with someone you trust… its a life changing decision that only you can make when the time is right for you… also seems you’ve had these thoughts for a long time not something that comes and goes …?

You are who you are.

Personally I don’t fit inany mold. I think a lot like men, so I’ve been told. I enjoy male oriented stuff- for instance I used to be a farm hand and worked on tractors, etc.

I like men and women’s clothes

I rarely wear make up, but enjoy it sometimes.

I like my hair in feminine styles, but only wash and go types.

I don’t see the point of gender specific stuff, but I do understand the need to feel comfortable and happy in your skin.

Do whatever makes you feel the best. Tell whoever you feel the desire to tell. It’s all about your comfort level.

Only by testing those levels will you find your perfect fit.


I dont think we can tell from behind our screens.

I had thoughts about wanting to be male, but in my case it was caused by trauma stuff and not fitting into stereotypically feminine roles. It disappeared.

For you it might be completely different though, so i cant tell you. Only you can decide how you want to live your life and what feels most true to you deep inside.

Maybe it helps to talk first with some more “neutral” people irl who wont influence you too much one way or another. Did you ever talk to a psychologist who is knowledgable about this? It might strengthen your own view before talking with your family.

If your family is kind, they could also help you get a stronger idea of what to do though…for example by talking about how you were as a young kid, etc?

Listen to Your Heart.

Do Not Apologize to Anyone or Anything For, Who You Know You Truly Are in The Center of You.

Your Individuality is Yours, And Belongs to You, And Only You.

Make The Next Step When You Are Ready.

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